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"Gods in the Game" aims to uncover truths and help heal the world.

Alex Marcoux and Shauna Kalicki introduced readers to the message of humanity's sovereignty and the Divine Blueprint in their first book, Destination New Earth. In their latest book, Gods in the Game, they explore autism as part of a person's Blueprint and explain the differences between awakening, enlightenment, and ascension. They also delve into the battle between light and darkness and the various dimensions. The authors emphasize the importance of being authentic, showing love and compassion to others, and how it can help someone gain access to different dimensions. The book covers a wide range of topics, including consciousness, source consciousness, planetary shift, psychic mediums, and ascended masters. These topics are aimed at educating those who have awakened and those who are in the process of awakening.readers' favoriteGods in the Game is an informative book that aims to uncover truths about humanity and help heal the world. It delves into various issues people often avoid, such as wealth distribution and how a small minority of elites control the world narrative and manipulate things to their advantage. The book is well-structured, covering some controversial religious topics that may trigger sensitive readers. However, author Alex Marcoux and contributors Shauna Kalicki, Daniel, and Connie carefully break down each point to ensure readers fully understand the book's message. Most of the topics discussed are familiar, making it easy for readers to connect with them and grasp the concepts. They gradually build on each topic, taking readers on a step-by-step journey of how dimensions work, the history of Lemuria, and many other points. I enjoyed reading this book because it offered a fresh perspective and new insight. Overall, it is well-written and enlightening.

Doreen Chombu for Readers' Favorite ,

Enjoyable. "Gods in the Game" reveals many truths about living your authentic self and finding your Divine Blueprint."

Gods in the Game is a spiritual guide co-written by Alex Marcoux, Shauna Kalicki, Daniel, and Connie. Its purpose is to help people awaken to different dimensions and to encourage them to live a more authentic life, like lions instead of lambs. The book inspires readers to bravely join the Light team and fight for peace, equality, and justice for all. It delves into topics such as the gift of autism, different dimensions and consciousness, and the shift that separated us from the source and led to our descent. The authors provide insights on Lemuria, ascended beings, and coronavirus vaccines. They give readers a bigger picture of how those in power control the world and how humanity is headed toward self-destruction.

readers favorite 5 stars shinyGods in the Game is a well-written and detailed book that provides many insights into new possibilities. The authors have compiled a plethora of topics related to the spiritual realm. Each topic is well-explained, and the book has a smooth flow, with each chapter moving perfectly into the next. Many people may be skeptical because much of the information within this book by Alex Marcoux is channeled by Shauna Kalicki and from the Ascended Master Mother Mary, the Ethereal Autist Daniel, and Cerian. However, readers need to be open to new ideas to understand these concepts without bias. The book reveals many truths about living your authentic self and finding your Divine Blueprint. It has beautiful messages about oneness and spreading love, which is something we need today. Overall, this is an enjoyable read.

Luwi Nyakansaila for Readers' Favorite,

Alex Marcoux’s 7th book takes you on a deeper path through a higher awakening of our minds, energy, and soul enlightenment. Gods in the Game is about living your truth to orchestrate your architectural divine blueprint to being your authentic self. In Cerian’s words that were channeled in this book states energy can not be created or destroyed but can be transformed. The information shared allows the reader to explore the difference between Energy Consciousness and Source Consciousness to work towards our individual awakening and connection to this energy within us.

Kimberly S. ,

I want to tell you a little bit about a novel I just finished reading entitled “Back to Salem” by Alex Marcoux.

This was a perfect winter book and would be a great beach book. Basically, it is a mystery book with some historical edges involving several lesbian characters. It was light and delightful but had some interesting twists and turns. I felt the development of the relationships between the women was a bit more substantial than the typical lesbian romance novel, and Alex’s ability to tell a good mystery was as good as any Sue Grafton book I have read. I want to thank Haworth Press for sending me this book; I have not only enjoyed it but also had a couple of friends read it, and they both enjoyed it.

Alex also wrote “Facades,” which I look forward to reading. Alex was born in Massachusetts and now lives in Colorado with her partner and son. She was presented a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Pen Award for “Facades,” her first novel. She is also apparently working on a sequel to “Back to Salem,” which I am really excited about. I also logged into Alex’s website at and understand that “Back to Salem” is a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Mystery (good for her).

Warmly submitted,

Cheryl Chessick

Cheryl Chessick, M.D.,