Reviews of Alex Marcoux’s Books

"BRILLIANT! The Unsuspected Heroes is more "real" than most can imagine. A multidimensional journey into the world of a master, who is disguised within the diagnosis with autism."

Suzy Miller, Author, Integration Specialist, Creator of Awsomism Practitioner Process

“I LOVED The Unsuspected Heroes. It spoke to my heart as a parent of a multidimensional Autist. It would have helped me with my daughter during her childhood years. Beautiful insights and a means to open (to) a new perspective of ‘autism.’ We have a responsibility to co-create a radically new reality based on the Law of One … these Autists are here to facilitate. Easy to read and EXCITING! Read it with an open mind and heart. I excitedly await the next installment!” Learn More >

Susan Oros, Autist Luminary Ascension Guide, contributing author to "Evolutionary Healer"

“Alex is A MASTER STORYTELLER! The Unsuspected Heroes is an epic fairy tale revealing a true-to-life side of autism that few have experienced. One may even wonder, ‘could this be true?’” Learn More >

For full review read, Nonspeaking Autistic Mystic Endorses “The Unsuspected Heroes”Lyrica Marquez the unuspected heroes

Lyrica Marquez, Nonspeaking Autistic Mystic, Co-Author of "Autism to Ascension" and "AWEtizm"

"FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT and prepare for a wild ride. In A Matter of Degrees, Alex Marcoux has brilliantly twisted religion, Freemasonry, reincarnation, and Egyptian mysticism into a rollercoaster ride of suspense. Think you know what will happen next? Think again!"

Learn More >

Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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