Reviews of Alex Marcoux’s Books

Have you ever wondered what all this New Earth stuff is about? This THOUGHT-PROVOKING book will answer some of those questions, even some you didn’t realise you had! As a parent to an autistic child with ADHD, I resonate with the vision of these special members of humanity as being the next step in our evolutionary process and harbingers of the New Earth. Destination New Earth clarified that vision and helped me see even more of the BIGGER PICTURE. A GREAT READ!

Rachel Goodwin, Channel for Ascended Master Sarah, Author of Sarah’s Little Book of Healing

I LOVED "Destination New Earth." This book takes you on a deeper dive with some beautiful content and MIND-EXPANDING concepts. If you are new to metaphysical books, suspend disbelief as you read and keep an open mind—you won’t be disappointed. The more seasoned mystical reader will not be disappointed. This take on channeling and telepathy is pertinent as we go deeper into ascension and the collective becoming more aware of our divine selves.”

Robbie Mackenzie, Channel for Metatron, Author of "Metatron, This Is the Clarion Call"

The Unsuspected Heroes reveals a deep sensitivity, excellent writing, and a POWERFUL vision. Marcoux is shining her Light brightly!” Learn More >

roger teel endorses the unsuspected heroes by alex marcoux


Dr. Roger Teel, Spiritual Leader and author of "This Life is Joy"

"BRILLIANT! The Unsuspected Heroes is more "real" than most can imagine. A multidimensional journey into the world of a master, who is disguised within the diagnosis with autism."

Suzy Miller, Author, Integration Specialist, Creator of Awsomism Practitioner Process

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