A Matter of Degrees

To solve her brother's murder, Jessie infiltrates an all-male secret society and learns much more than she bargained for ... Freemasonry's Royal Secret.

The Royal Secretvisionary fiction

When Jessie Mercer's brother is murdered, she launches a no holds barred investigation but the clues dead-end at a male secret society. Resorting to extreme measures, she dresses in drag and infiltrates the all-male world of Masons, only to learn the answers lie in the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. Unknown to Jessie, in a previous life, she failed to expose Freemasonry's royal secret. Can she reveal the truth about her brother's death and Freemasonry this time around?

A Matter of Degrees takes the story of world control by secret societies and the Catholic Church to a whole new level.

Conspiracy theories! Think you've heard them all?  Think again.

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