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Energetic Codebook Awakening Lightworkers

In this blog, Alex Marcoux reveals that Destination New Earth is a spiritual energy code book that is startling some, awakening others, and pushing buttons. “Destination New Earth” is a Codebook I am sharing something I haven’t shared with many about our latest book, Destination New Earth which passed its one-year birthday last month. After…

American Book Fest Award-Winning Finalist in Spirituality

I’m happy to announce that Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness is an American Book Fest Award-Winning Finalist in spirituality. American Book Fest Award-Winning Finalist in Spirituality Since 2004 American Book Fest has celebrated the written word in fiction and non-fiction. The New Earth is here. Are you looking in the right direction?…

Spiritual Blueprint and Soul’s Purpose

In this post, I share the meaning of the spiritual blueprint (divine blueprint), its relationship to the soul's purpose, and how each person has a unique role in the planetary ascension. What is a Spiritual Blueprint? One can think of a divine blueprint (or spiritual blueprint) as a detailed description of your divine plan and…

Healing Ancestral Trauma

In this post, Daniel, an Ethereal Autistic, shares that we can heal ancestral trauma through our galactic DNA and RNA, as humans have alien genetics. Daniel's Thoughts: Galactic DNA and RNA and Genetics People don’t know how genetic trauma works or that it can be healed. Many Autists feel the trauma of their ancestors. DNA…

Calling a New Breed of Heroes: The Lightworkers

The shift is in the air. Yes, I am talking about the planetary shift in consciousness, the vibrational shift from 3D to 5D, or the ascension. But there is another shift worthy of mention, the shift from the heroes of traditional warriors to the peaceful luminaries and lightworkers. Fear threatens the ascension. In an earlier…

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