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alex marcoux, shauna kalicki, Daniel, connie

L-R: Daniel, Alex Marcoux, Shauna Kalicki (rear), Connie

alex marcoux

Alex Marcoux

Alex Marcoux

Alex Marcoux

Author Bio

The Skinny

Alex Marcoux is an award-winning and international author of spiritual nonfiction and visionary fiction. She seeks to reveal Truths hidden from humanity to heal the planet.

The Scoop

living now book awards bronzeAlex Marcoux is a seeker of Truth and an international author of spiritual nonfiction and visionary fiction books. She was welcomed into a world few people see: the sacred mysteries and magic of autism. When asked by three nonspeaking autistics to make known their truth, Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness and The Unsuspected Heroes: A Visionary Fiction Novel emerged. Destination New Earth is a 2022 Living Now Book Awards bronze winner in Metaphysical, and The Unsuspected Heroes is a 2021 International Book Awards finalist in Visionary Fiction and 2021 American Book Fest Best Book Award finalist in Visionary Fiction.

living now books awards silverMarcoux was the Living Now Book Awards Silver medal winner in Metaphysical for her spiritual self-help book, Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles (Jenness and Golden Turtle Press). Her fiction readers dubbed her the “lesbian Dan Brown,” and #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner called A Matter of Degrees “a rollercoaster ride of suspense.” She is also a Lambda Literary Award Finalist, a Golden Crown Literary Award Finalist, and the RMFW Penn Award recipient.

Marcoux is the screenwriter and collaborating director for Back to Salem: The Short (2008), and her backlist novels include A Matter of Degrees, Back to Salem, and Facades (The Haworth Press and Bella Books).

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About the Contributors


Connie was once skeptical until her son, Daniel, and his unique Autist pals opened her eyes to an unseen world. The Autists dared her to ask more questions to learn the Truth and be bold and brazen about sharing the gifts the Autist Collective has to bring to the world. She continues to learn and grow and is eager for the day when it is realized by all that we are One.


Daniel is a nonspeaking adult with autism who communicates using facilitated communication (FC), telepathy and channeling. He works behind the scenes as a grid master of the ascension grid and is here to assist humanity in its ascension and to heal the planet.

Shauna Kalicki

Shauna Kalicki is a seeker of the mysteries of life. She is a psychic medium who channels Cerian, a sixteenth dimension collective, Ascended Masters, and many Autists, including Daniel. She has been connected to nature and is always looking for the sacred behind the different expressions of life that make up this crazy, fun, and ever-changing world.

Alex's Latest

Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness

Reserve your copy on Amazon now.

Title: Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness
Author: Alex Marcoux
Contributors: Shauna Kalicki, Daniel, and Connie
Publisher: 616 Editions, an Imprint of Jenness
Publication Dates:

  • Paperback - March 20, 2022
  • eBook - March 13, 2022


  • Paperback - ISBN-10: 1735261173, ISBN-13: 978-1-7352611-7-1
  • eBook - ASIN: B09Q2BHFTR, ISBN-13: 978-1-7352611-8-8

Retail Price: $18 print | $9.99 ebook
Pages (paperback): 256 pages
Genres: Spirituality | New Age | Mind, Body & Spirit | Channeling & Mediumship | Mysticism | Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge
Awards: 2022 Living Now Book Awards Bronze Winner in Metaphysical/Exploring Consciousness
Paperback on Amazon

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Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness

The New Earth is here. Are you looking in the right direction?

Are you waiting for an “event” to catapult you to the New Earth? Do you wish you could wiggle your nose and ascend to the fifth dimension? What if the New Earth is here, but you need to shift your perspective to experience it? What if “all this” is a game to see if you awaken to the Truth about who you are?

Destination New Earth will help you:

  • Access the New Earth and strengthen your 5D shift
  • Heal when learning Truths hidden from humanity
  • Realize how important you are in this ascension
  • Discover your spiritual blueprint and claim your sovereignty
  • Awaken to the Truth about who you are
  • Understand the biggest misconception of all times—autism

Award-winning author Alex Marcoux and a dynamic trio have teamed up to share messages from Mother Mary, higher dimensional beings, and Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, on humanity’s spiritual evolution. Through their messages, you will discover each person has a unique role in this consciousness shift.

When you awaken to your unique role, you become part of a much larger plan to assist humanity in a planetary shift in consciousness. It is time to awaken, realize who you are, and claim your sovereignty.

This book is a bridge to understanding a new perspective. Be open to the miracles it will ignite within.”

—Daniel, Ethereal Autist

Editorial Reviews

readers favorite 5 stars shiny

Five Stars. Refreshing. An in-depth look at the awakening process. Destination New Earth is a bold look at the unfolding shift of consciousness sweeping the planet. The book delves further into our spiritual history and the role of off-planet influences. Autism is dealt with empathetically and sets the record straight. This book is neither a conspiracy theory nor an attempt to discredit organized religion. (It) is a sincere attempt to answer pressing spiritual questions, offering practical guidance for those seeking spiritual truth, and should be read with an open mind.

—Leonard William Smuts for Readers’ Favorite

Destination New Earth is a groundbreaking revelation and winner! Captivating! A clever collaboration that brings thought-provoking mystical wisdom, insights, and multi-dimensional viewpoints, written in such a brilliant way that even those unfamiliar with the intel and language could easily digest. If you are open-minded or sense something monumental is happening on Earth, and to humanity, this book is a great resource. It will open your mind to the world of those labeled autistics and channelers unlike any you have ever seen or heard before! A masterpiece for the ages, indeed!

Anthony Davis, multimedia artist, messenger, and blogger

I loved Destination New Earth; it takes you on a deeper dive with some beautiful content and mind-expanding concepts. If you are new to metaphysical books, suspend disbelief and keep an open mind—you won't be disappointed. The more seasoned mystical reader will not be disappointed as it is pertinent as we go deeper into ascension and the collective becoming more aware of our divine selves.

Robbie Mackenzie, Channel for Metatron, Author of Metatron, This Is the Clarion Call

Wonder what this New Earth stuff is about? This thought-provoking book will answer some of those questions, even some you didn't realise you had! As a parent to an autistic child with ADHD, I resonate with the vision of these members of humanity being the next step in our evolutionary process and harbingers of the New Earth. Destination New Earth clarified that vision and helped me see the bigger picture. A great read!

Rachel Goodwin, Channel for Ascended Master Sarah, Author of Sarah's Little Book of Healing

Destination New Earth is a gift! It is witness to the realization of spiritual awareness of autist consciousness and the wisdom of the ages. It is a blueprint and guide for the times we are living in. It asks us to wake up and raise our frequency to the wisdom of harmonic love. Allow yourself to soak in every word, for the sacredness of the exposure and inquiry from each word reveals a greater advancement of cosmic truth of individuals and our New Earth.

Rev. Dr. Patty Luckenbach, Author of The Land of Tears and I Only Walk on Water When It Rains

Key Ideas (or Q&A) for Destination New Earth

Who is this book for?

Whether you are new to the spiritual path or have been on one for a long time, this book is for you. You are the ones to awaken first to assist in triggering a global awakening. Some may identify as Lightworkers, Starseeds, New Children, the 144,000, or simply spiritual. Read More >

What is the New Earth?

The New Earth is the next evolutionary step for humanity. It is the experience of the fifth dimension (5D), which is the destination of the evolved human. The Bible refers to it as New Heavens and New Earth; only it is so much more. This book is not about what will happen in the future; it is about what is happening on the planet today. Read More >

Who are the Pure Autists?

Pure Autists are a species that has existed on Earth since Lemuria. Today, many Autists lightly connect to their physicality (3D), which manifests in various ways, such as communication disabilities. However, they are far from disabled, have an expanded consciousness, hold the New Earth hologram, and assist humanity’s ascension. Read More>

How is this book different from any other channeling book?

The information in Destination New Earth comes through a unique process. At the foundation of the material are channeled messages from the Masters and higher dimensional beings, including Cerian, a sixteenth-dimensional collective. Our group further clarified the information through three levels of discernment and an Ethereal Autist approval.

What is your spiritual blueprint?

Each person has a spiritual blueprint, a purpose to fulfill in this evolutionary shift in consciousness. When one is on the ascension path and stands in their truth, they live their divine blueprint and live authentically, a blueprint to 5D consciousness.

What is really happening in the world today?

COVID-19, vaccination mandates, natural disasters, climate change, war, economic crisis, locusts, hunger, and so on. Could it be that universal forces are creating “tough love” situations to show that our current systems don’t work and, since the beginning, humanity has been controlled? These challenging situations shine a light on the shadows to expose them so that we awaken, remember who we are, and claim our sovereignty.

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