Destination New Earth

Destination New Earth reveals what the New Earth is today, the autistics’ role in humanity’s ascension, and how you have a unique spiritual blueprint. When awakened to your role, you become part of a much larger plan to help humanity in a planetary shift in consciousness.

Coming 3-20-22, in print & eBook!

The New Earth is not outside you.

It is the awareness of your magnificence and Divinity that will shift you into the New Earth.

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What if the New Earth is here, but you need to shift your perspective to experience it? What if “all this” is a game to see if you awaken to the Truth about who you are?

A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness

Award-winning author Alex Marcoux and a dynamic trio have teamed up to share messages from Mother Mary, higher dimensional beings, and Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, on humanity’s spiritual evolution. Through their messages, you will discover each person has a unique role in this consciousness shift.

Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness offers you insights to:

  • Identify how to access the New Earth
  • Determine your divine blueprint to live authentically
  • Discover four subtle indications you are shifting to the fifth dimension
  • Connect with six suggestions to strengthen your 5D shift
  • Understand the connection between the autistics, Lemurians, Atlanteans, and the Magdalenes, and recognize the role of off-planet beings in the ascension of humanity

This book is a bridge to understanding a new perspective. Be open to the miracles it will ignite within.”

—Daniel, Ethereal Autist

About the Contributors

Daniel is a nonspeaking man with autism assisting with humanity’s ascension and healing the planet. Connie is an intuitive, the mother of Daniel, and committed to sharing information on the Autist Collective. Shauna Kalicki is a psychic medium who channels the Ascended Masters, Cerian, and Ethereal Autists.

About the Author

Alex Marcoux is an award-winning and international author of spiritual nonfiction and visionary fiction. She seeks to reveal Truths hidden from humanity to heal the planet.

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