Destination New Earth Garners 5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite

I’m thrilled to share that Destination New Earth received a five-star review from Readers’ Favorite. The book is for those on the spiritual path and will be available on March 13 (eBook) and March 20 (paperback).

The Skinny

Refreshing. An in-depth look at the awakening process. Destination New Earth is a bold look at the unfolding shift of consciousness sweeping the planet. The book delves further into our spiritual history and the role of off-planet influences. Autism is dealt with empathetically and sets the record straight. This book is neither a conspiracy theory nor an attempt to discredit organized religion. (It) is a sincere attempt to answer pressing spiritual questions, offering practical guidance for those seeking spiritual truth, and should be read with an open mind.

—Leonard William Smuts for Readers’ Favorite

The Scoop

Read the review here.

destination new earth readers favorite

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