The 5 Waves of the New Children

Whether you call them New Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Diamond Children, or Gold Children, these Starseeds or Star People play a role in humanity’s spiritual evolution. Some may refer to them as “the 144000” or Lightworkers, but all of them are here to usher in the  New Earth.

Revolution precedes every evolution.

We are living in a time of spiritual evolution. A revolution precedes every evolution. That uprising has been occurring through natural disasters, wars, diseases, food crises, coronavirus, vaccines, and other catastrophes and will continue until the “old” earth systems have collapsed. What will remain lasting will be those systems that support humanity as a collective, not as individuals.

Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

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This restructuring has been occurring throughout humanity’s history, and there are individuals playing roles in the revolution so that humankind evolves. Those people could be perceived as rebels, teachers, and healers. They are called by many names because this project of getting people to experience the New Earth, that 5th-dimensional home, has been orchestrated by countless groups throughout time.

Our 3D brain may refer to the groups as being on the Light Team or The Dark Team; however, there is only one team. That is not the nature of this post, though. I want to introduce some groups playing a role in humanity’s journey to the New Earth.

The New Children will Usher in the New Earth

new children

They are all Star Seeds.

Many years ago, Dolores Canon wrote about the waves of volunteers coming to the planet to assist in humanity’s spiritual evolution. Cerian, the collective, also talks about the waves, though they refer to them as the waves of New Children. It’s similar to Dolores’s work. Depending on their generation, the volunteers can be interdimensional beings from other worlds, starseeds, or directly from Source.

The New Children incarnated on Earth to assist in humanity’s spiritual evolution. We may call them children, but many are adults now. They comprise many different groups and may be referred to as the rebels, Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and other names I will discuss. Yes, they are Starseeds and are here to usher in humankind’s change from its current state to a higher-dimensional being.

Starseeds are from other worlds.

If you believe humanity is the only intelligent lifeform in this universe, this will come as a shock, but I don’t think I will shock many by sharing it.

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Starseeds (Star Seeds) are beings incarnated in human form from other worlds; they are from other star systems. One may suggest that they are aliens walking among us as humans, except, given that there is only the One, there is no such thing as an alien.

Some of these individuals may feel different, while others are clueless. Their acceptance of themselves and the role they are to play depends on many factors, such as their generation, their family, friends, social standing, beliefs, etc. For the new generations coming in, the Diamond Children, Rainbow Children, and Crystal Children, their acceptance of their roles will be easier than the Indigo Children (now adults) and the older generation of Starseeds who didn’t get named.

Wave 1: Indigo Children or Indigo Adults are the rebels.

indigo children, indigo adult

Some Indigo Adults are the rebels.

Indigo Children are first-generation New Children, and they are now adults. These individuals incarnated to bring about a new age of peace. Though not always, most were born throughout the late 70s to the early 90s. They are usually sensitive and psychic. Their role is to incite change in society, the environment, and government so that Earth is a place of integrity. They are often called rebels, troublemakers, and even the problem child growing up.

Wave 2: Crystal Children teach how to live from the heart.

crystal adult star child

The Crystal Children are here to open hearts.

The second-generation New Child is the Crystal Child. These kids or adults started embodying in the mid-nineties and are still coming in. They are here to usher us into the New Earth by showing how people can live in kindness, peace, and love. They are full of integrity and often telepathic, though they may be perceived as slow or autistic. These individuals are far from slow. Living from the heart comes easily to them, and that is what they will teach us and what we need to shift to the New Earth.

Wave 3: Rainbow Children are higher dimensional beings.

rainbow child, star child , starchild

The Rainbow Children are the future.

The Rainbow Child is a third-generation New Child. These children started coming in around the turn of the century and are still incarnating. They are higher- dimensional beings from perhaps the ninth dimension and convey pure love. As odd as this may sound, it is their first Earth incarnation, and they are here to generate unconditional love and play an essential role in the New Earth as they age.

Wave 4: Diamond Children are walking healers.

dna activation

The Diamond Children will activate the DNA of those ready to overcome the illusion.

Diamond Children are fourth-generation Star Children, and some are first-timers to Earth. There are some Diamond Children here. Adult Starseeds must evolve and birth the Diamond Child, embodying Divine Light. The Diamond Children possess the most advanced psychic skills, including telepathic communication and telekinesis, and are instant manifestors.

The concepts of anger, hatred, fear, greed, and separation are as foreign to Diamond Children as the concept of Oneness is to the majority of the planet at this time. The Diamond Child resonates with the highest frequency of Divine, Pure, Unconditional Love. They hold the DNA patterning that awakens all those near them who are ready to overcome the illusion. They are walking healers. However, the Earth’s frequency must elevate to accommodate a significant mass of incarnating Diamond People. The Autistic Avatars assist with this work.

Wave 5: Gold Children are energy conduits.

The newest group of New Children, the fifth wave, began incarnating around 2012, plus or minus a few years. “They are powerful energy conduits and can help bring in and embody the new frequencies and harmonize the latest and the old frequencies or energies.”

Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

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The Gold Children are “excellent transmitters” as they embody the new energies and harmonize them with the existing energies dormant within Mother Gaia, allowing for the bending of these two energies. According to Cerian, the Gold Children make it less challenging for Mother Earth and humanity to bring these new energies in and work with them. These children receive and transform the New Earth energies so that the energies are easier for Mother Gaia and everything within and on Earth, including humans.

The Gold Children have an X-code (or Code X) in their DNA structure. This X-code includes a new metallic substance, gold strands entwined in the DNA structure. This metallic substance is reminiscent of liquid gold, as it is soft and malleable and has Consciousness.

All these generations play their role in assisting humankind in its evolution to the New Earth.

Ascension Glossary: Archangels, Ascended Masters

13 Responses

  1. Kristin
    I have always felt different ..I am beautiful intelligent creative...I can do anything...if I am over stressed I have caused electric breakers to throw and things to go wrong...I want to know more of my purpose...I am intuitive...I call it the Indian on my shoulder...I think of more than outside the box...I have learned more about myself by myself but this is interesting to me...I feel protected although I feel like I am prevented from having more...I have many questions about this...can my brother be one too...does the location I was born and my race have anything to do with this...please I need answers...thank you
    • Kristin, I'm glad you found my blog. Welcome. Yes, of course, your brother can be part of the "new tribe." The New Children are here for a specific purpose, to usher in the New Earth. I share more in my upcoming book (<a href="">Destination New Earth)</a>. At this moment, know you are not alone, and many others are feeling the same--follow your heart and live authentically. <3
      • Billy Wayne gilliland
        I have came in contact with HIM. I am reincarnated to lead. the 144000 have already been chosen. I have been in a process this whole year. I need help!!!!!!
  2. Jamaica
    I am new to this, I don't even know where to start. My husband swears I'm a witch he thinks I'm psychic. I have always been different, I don't fit in anywhere. I watched a meditation video, and the lady started talking about starseeds. And I identified so much with it. I believe I am an Orion starseed. I have Orion's belt in moles on my chest. I also have been obsessed with Egypt since childhood. I believe my daughters are crystal starseeds. We have all recently been diagnosed with autism. Does anyone know is there a correlation between autism and if starseeds can give birth to starseed children?
    • Hi Jamaica, thank you for being here. Yes, there is a correlation between autistics and starseeds. Pure Autists are starseeds. Here is a passage from our book, "Destination New Earth," "Starseeds represent various alien beings incarnated in human form from multiple planets, galaxies, and universes. They have come to experience and play a role in the shift in consciousness on Earth. The various groups commonly dubbed starseeds include the Pure Autists, the New Children (Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Diamond Children, Rainbow Children), and alien-human hybrids. I hope that helps. Learn much more in the book.
    • Ash
      It’s all connected
  3. Sue
    Hi Alex, Thank you so much for this blog! I was wondering where the photo at the top was taken? I was also wondering if you know which star each group is most aligned with? With love, Sue
    • Hi Sue, I believe those pictures were from Pexels and I also think that the starseed groups are from different star systems. Thank you for your presence here. <3
  4. Damon
    me and my wife are star children
    • Welcome, Damon!
      • Brannon Daniell
        I am a diamond rainbow child and we hear all sounds including molecules in body;however, it still a process. I am 27 year old and I am coming out March 26th 2024 with no distortion. The sound goes way beyond Earth. communication with universal pressure people call dystole. we teach from heart body however are masters of all forms period. The 144,000 is crystal as I am not. diamond rainbow are 7th density auras. diamond children have a 6th density aura. rainbow children at lowest aura is 6.92 of density
  5. Fergus OHara
    Thank you for your web site. i'm new to this. I have a gifted friend and we were talking about the book I just read "The divine design" star seeds came up i the conversation and she said said she thought she was a golden star seed. ( she is approx 30yrs) Never hear of golden star seed. So i found your site. After reading I think she is a mix od diamond and golden. ( never heard of diamond ). I'm an alternative healer coming from a machinical background and lately moving cancer from clients and my friend can tell me what stage the client is cleared. Some times we work together and she tells me what programs to use and always 100% cleared. ( stage 4 breast cancer , tumors, skin cancers etc.) I'm constantly been "attacked " by dark entities and she can remove them sometimes with help. A few times I've gone to emergency hospital only to end up at my friends place.for clearing of a sole that didn't cross over. Died from fire, accident etc and looking for their wife in the present. Question : why do you think these soles latch on to me. '"

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