Do Numbers or Number Sequences Have a Spiritual Meaning?

What is the spiritual meaning of numbers and number sequences? Could numbers or patterns of numbers contain hidden messages from the Universe? If so, how can we determine which numbers are meaningful, and how do we uncover the message? It was questions like these that prompted me to explore numbers and integrate the realizations in my book, Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles.

The fundamental idea of Lifesigns is that the Universe talks to us all the time and sends messages, or signs, to help guide us. Everyone has an inner guidance system, and when it is activated miracles show up in our lives. Lifesigns lays out a five-step method anyone can use to tap their ability to explore the soul's purpose, enhance creativity, engage intuition and energize life.

Meaning in Numbers

Did you know that the glimpse at a clock, a license plate passing by, an address, a gauge or odometer can help with something you have been contemplating? In today's digital world, there is no limit to numbers in life. This infinite source offers constant direction for us, though most of the time we don’t pay attention and we lose the messages.

In my book, I have a chapter devoted to using numbers in combination with the Lifesign Process. I also have an appendix which includes the meaning of number sequences. I have published the appendix Number Sequences on my website so that you can bookmark the webpage and have an instant resource on number symbolism.

Examples of Messages in Numbers

How can this work? Perhaps you have been considering branching out in a new direction, and while you may be passionate about it, it’s not a sensible step and presents some risk for you. So you hesitate. Let’s say you have been thinking about it, and you happen to glimpse a clock to note the time. It is 12:34. If you have been experimenting with the Lifesigns Process, you would know that if you moved forward on this project, it would be supported by Spirit. How? The message is in the numbers.


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If you are familiar with Lifesigns, you’d know that it wasn’t a coincidence that you happened to note the time at precisely 12:34, and by referring to the appendix in the book, you would have your answer.

Here’s another example, let’s say you’ve been thinking about someone and considering asking them out. You’ve been distracted by thoughts of them, yet there may be some complications, and you wonder, ‘Should I ask him (or her) out?’ At that moment, the phone rings and you glance at the caller ID, revealing XXX 721-1616. A quick lookup of the 6s (1616) would tell you that if you go in this direction, it would not be in line with your highest purpose.

Number Interpretation

To understand the Lifesign Process and how the Universe can provide insights on just about anything, check out the trade paperback or eBook, to expand your awareness and tap your inner guidance system.

Winner of the Living Now Silver Book Award - Metaphysical Category.

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  1. Paul Narlock
    what does 11:44 mean. Also I see a lot 12:12, 18:18, etc. Not to mentions 1:11 and 11;11 a lot.
    • Alex Marcoux
      It would depend. Have you adopted the <em>Lifesign </em>process? If so, take a look at and what you were working on at the time. If not, you want to explore the meanings of the individual numbers and how they work together. They can also be an indicator that things are in harmony, in the flow.
  2. 2generators

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