• Gods in the Game

    Gods in the Game

    Alex Marcoux explores the awakening and consciousness shift with Mother Mary and Cerian through Psychic Medium Shauna Kalicki. Ethereal Autist…


  • Destination New Earth

    Destination New Earth

    Destination New Earth reveals what the New Earth is today, the autistics’ role in humanity’s spiritual evolution, and how you…


  • The Unsuspected Heroes

    The Unsuspected Heroes

    She’s unlike any other, facing the biggest threat to humankind’s annihilation. Can this unsuspected hero save us from ourselves? “Fast-paced…


  • Lifesigns Tapping the Power

    Lifesigns Tapping the Power

    Learn how to recognize and interpret signs and symbols in this spirituality book, Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity…


  • A Matter of Degrees

    A Matter of Degrees

    To solve her brother's murder, Jessie infiltrates an all-male secret society and learns much more than she bargained for ...…


  • Back to Salem

    Back to Salem

    Jessie Mercer has it all—fame, fortune, and a best-selling novel being made into a major motion picture starring the alluring…


  • Facades


    "Facades is certain to take its place among the classics in lesbian literature and lesbian romance novels." She's a singing…