The Unsuspected Heroes

She’s unlike any other, facing the biggest threat to humankind’s annihilation. Can this unsuspected hero save us from ourselves?

readers' favorite“Fast-paced visionary tale with a phenomenal conflict, multidimensional characters, and resonant themes. Alex Marcoux’s work is hugely imaginative and THOUGHT-PROVOKING.” -- Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

readers favorite book award finalist

2022 Readers Favorite Book Award Finalist in Visionary Fiction

A Metaphysical and Visionary Fiction Novel

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best book awards

2021 "Best Book" Award-Winning Finalist

In The Unsuspected Heroes, we meet nonspeaking Ami, who at four is diagnosed with autism. When Ami’s father brings home a computer, Ami shows her mother, Rebecca, how they can communicate. Rebecca soon learns that Ami is here for a special reason—to lead humanity to ascension.

Rebecca risks everything, even her marriage, to assist her daughter. Although Ami’s autism is a cloak disguising her from the Dark Team, as her health deteriorates, she comes out of hiding to help other autistics remember why they are here. Levi, a friend, discovers her own alien origins and realizes Ami is an Ascended Master. Levi and others must support Ami to fulfill her mission.

international book awards

2021 International Award-Winning Finalist

The clock is ticking. Can Ami and her friends prevent humanity from destroying itself? If not, who will prevent the looming apocalypse and lead humanity to the New Earth?

Inspired by real events, this work of metaphysical and visionary fiction takes you on a journey of spiritual awakening to the next evolution of Gaia.

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About the Author and Visionary Fiction

Alex Marcoux was welcomed into a world few people see, the sacred mysteries and magic of autism. When asked by three nonspeaking autistics to tell their truths, The Unsuspected Heroes, volume one of A Journey to the New Earth emerged.