Autism Paradigm Shift

Autism Spectrum and Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution

Welcome to the Autism Paradigm Shift Network, a page devoted to connecting those interested in learning more about a new perspective on autism. Autistics have a special purpose; they advance the spiritual evolution of humankind. This is the foundation for my new book, The Unsuspected Heroes.

autism puzzle piece

Could autism be the missing piece in our spiritual evolution?

This page is for readers of my series, A Journey to the New Earth, to learn more about this new phenomenon, which perhaps even explains the unprecedented jump in autism from one-in-5000 to one-in-59 children. If you are a parent or caretaker of an autistic searching to learn more, I recommend the following practitioners who have devoted their lives to spreading this truth. I honor each of them.

Alex Marcoux

Autism Paradigm Shift Network

Ami Fountain, Ascension Guide, New Children Advocate, and Consultant

Ami Fountain

Ami Fountain

Ami Fountain is an Awesomism Practitioner who has been working with Awetizm since 2010 when she received the blessing of meeting and cultivating a heart connection with Gayle and Lyrica, reconnecting her to her galactic beingness. Ami is an Ascension Guide, New Children Advocate, and Parent Consultant who assists with understanding and connecting to these New Children. Ami’s love continues to grow in a special connection with and resonance with the newer generations and the Autistic Mystics. She also teaches a style of yoga to children that is a unique embodiment of alchemy and transformation. Ami loves humanity, facilitates healing, and is creating the New Earth Reality every day! Connect with Ami at Higher Vibrational Parenting on Facebook.

Gayle B. Lee and Lyrica Marquez, Authors

Gayle B. Lee and Lyrica Mia Marquez

Gayle B. Lee and Lyrica Mia Marquez

Gayle B. Lee and Lyrica Marquez are the authors of AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence (2011), revealing that autistic beings are evolved souls embodied to provide the key to humanity’s spiritual evolution. Their story was one of the inspirations behind Alex Marcoux’s novel, The Unsuspected Heroes, the first book of her series, A Journey to the New Earth.

The mother and daughter team have been on a four-year spiritual sabbatical, returning in 2020 with plans to share their experiences in early 2021. Until their news, connect with them on their Facebook page Gayle Barkley Lee & Lyrica Mia Marquez.

Suzy Miller, Author, Integration Specialist, Creator of Awsomism Practitioner Process

Suzy Miller, Author, Integration Specialist, Creator of Awsomism Practitioner Process

Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller is a multidimensional seer, telepathic communicator, and integration specialist. Author of Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism, she founded the Awesomism Practitioner Process and Autism Integration Series. Suzy has facilitated thousands worldwide to understand and support the multidimensional gifts of autistics. She is proficient in supporting their embodiment without losing the extraordinary gifts that they possess. Suzy has unique access to a broad spectrum of energetic dimensions and realms, allowing her to effortlessly interface where autistics feel the most comfortable. Her background as a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and collaboration with leading-edge scientists and professionals initiated a powerful collective conversation regarding the amazing contribution autistics are making to human evolution. Connect with Suzy at

Susan Moon Oros, M.A. Autist Luminary Ascension Guide

Susan Oros

Susan Oros

Susan Oros is an Autist Luminary Ascension Guide, a title given to her by her daughter, Sammie. Sammie is beyond verbal (nonspeaking) and labeled autistic. The mother and daughter communicate telepathically and energetically, soul to soul. Sammie’s soul acts as a window into the cosmos. Together, they provide new insights, symbols, and activations to support the ascension. Sammie is also Susan’s access point to connect with the Autist Collective, which is playing a pivotal role in humanity’s spiritual evolution. Susan is also a contributing author to Evolutionary Healer (September 2020), a Reiki Master and Awesomism Practitioner. Private sessions and classes with this duo are available. Connect with them at

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