What is Spiritual Sovereignty?

What is spiritual sovereignty, and why does it matter? You are on the journey of awakening and remembering and claiming your sovereignty, which was hidden from humanity eons ago. You will not fully awaken if you don't claim it.

What is sovereignty?

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Sovereignty is one’s inherent power to be sovereign. It is your supreme power to own your life (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and perceptions) and understand that you have the choice and free will to choose not to be influenced by others and manifest your life for your highest good.

It is determining what is in alignment with your Divine Blueprint and consciously choosing situations that support it without the influence of others. It is recognizing that you create your world and life and do it in alignment with your Divine Blueprint.

You minimize contact with people who don’t support your soul integration. We all have a divine right to be sovereign and create a New Earth, our divine inheritance.

Being Sovereign

When you are sovereign, you are at the helm of your life. You determine your direction and destiny. You aren’t controlled or manipulated by any person, group, or institution. It means having autonomy over your life, making your own decisions, choosing who to be in a relationship with (or not), and how much space to give another in your life. It is also the power to walk away from situations, people, and communities that don’t honor your sovereignty.

How do you give your sovereignty away?

You surrender your sovereignty when you permit another to guide you away from who you are, your authentic self. Surrendering happens when you don’t trust your Divine Blueprint, and your life reacts.

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Think of your life as a compass. The Universe, God, Source, or Consciousness wants you to achieve your Divine Blueprint, your true north. If you are moving away from your blueprint, you may get gentle nudges, resistance, interference, stagnation, conflict, challenges, or even cosmic 2X4s, also known as the bricks of life. This is Source or your higher self trying to get you back on course.

As children, we’re taught that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This mentality has trained us to persevere no matter what. I am not suggesting to give up on things, especially your dreams. I am simply saying if you have continuous struggles in your life, you may want to consider that the Universe is trying to set a course correction because you may be moving away from your Divine Blueprint.

What is the consequence of not being sovereign?

If you surrender your sovereignty, you will not fully awaken. When giving away your power, you become controlled. You will only fully awaken when you consciously manifest your life standing in your sovereignty.

From Destination New Earth:

The New Earth is being experienced and shared by many now. You agreed to participate in this experience as a unified whole. Of course, you don’t remember this, and that is the journey, one of awakening and remembering and claiming your sovereignty, which was hidden from humanity eons ago. Who hid it?

Fasten your seatbelt!”[i]

Learn more about sovereignty and your Divine Blueprint in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness and Gods in the  Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift.

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