What is the Awakening and Consciousness Shift?

In this Q&A, I answer many questions on the awakening and consciousness shift. Our new book, Gods in the Game, discusses these subjects and more.

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We’re currently experiencing a consciousness shift. It is a change in frequencies and dimensions from a lower, fear-based consciousness to a higher, lighter vibration of love, compassion, and unconditional love. We are ascending 3D, 4D, and 5D; some will go higher, but it is not an ascension. At this time, this is happening individually.

We’re here to trigger an evolutionary collective shift.

Humans are on an evolutionary path to experience a collective shift in consciousness, and many are here to help trigger it. For humanity to make this collective shift, which includes Mother Gaia, the various kingdoms, plants, animals, elements, and so on, and a portion of humanity, there has to be a critical mass of individuals achieving a higher level of awakening.

What is this “higher level” of awakening?

The collective shift is at risk without more people awakening to this higher level.

In the higher level of awakening, one recognizes they are Source Energy and constantly creating their world. They accept they are creators. They acknowledge they are sovereign and choose not to be influenced by others. They consciously choose what aligns with their higher self. We all have free will. We consciously decide to fulfill our Divine Blueprint, who we are destined to be, and recognize that our lives are a compass and our Divine Blueprint is true north.

What is the Divine Blueprint?

Everyone comes into this world with unique gifts and talents that only they can share. Your Divine Blueprint resides within—it is what you most desire, a calling or a longing. It is who you inherently are, and it is to bring forth this magical expression of your soul’s essence into this world. The Divine Blueprint is to live your Soul’s Truth, your authentic self, and be who you are destined to be.

What is the New Human?

I think of the New Human as someone who has cleared themselves of the veil of consciousness and lives according to their Divine Blueprint. They are those waking up out of limitations and learning how magical they are and the power they have within. It is a phenomenon in the early stages on Earth, and the level of mastery varies greatly, but as the one who awakens to that “high level,” the New Human is also a conscious creator. These people give rise to the New Earth, and the New Earth will give rise to the New Human. There is a divine symbiotic relationship between New Humans and New Earth. They induce each other.

What is “the awakening” vs. “an awakening?”

I think of “the awakening” as the slow dissolution of the veil of consciousness, which triggers various types of awakenings in our lives, such as energy, mind and soul awakenings, and ultimately enlightenment.

What is the veil of consciousness?

There is a veil of consciousness that has created amnesia among humanity. Humankind has forgotten its divinity and become ignorant of its higher self and the game. This veil was created in pre-ancient Lemuria when a group separated from the Lemurians to control.

Removing this veil is tricky and must be slow, as humankind is not ready for the truth. The veil has been thinning, and because of this, many are experiencing awakenings. Some believe they see beyond the veil, but according to Ethereal Autist Daniel, those claiming this do not fully see. Daniel has also shared that there is a group of Autists whose sole focus is the safe removal of the veil.

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