What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is the experience one undergoes during the ascension process, the shifting from our current 3D to 5D consciousness. Many articles focus on total awakening, often called enlightenment or self-realization, but don’t share that there are many different types of awakening.

What is a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is an individual’s experience and unique to each person. It can occur slowly over a long period of walking the spiritual path or spontaneously.

Ultimately, spiritual awakening or enlightenment moves an individual into a higher level of consciousness and a higher, lighter vibrational frequency—shifting from a denser, egoic state of duality consciousness to unity and heart-based consciousness. When you genuinely awaken, you penetrate the veil that shields you from the truth that you are not separate from Source (God).

5 Types of Spiritual Awakening

There are five main types of spiritual awakening, which do not necessarily occur in a specific order.

Spiritual Energy Awakening (Kundalini Awakening)

A spiritual energy awakening is when a shift or intensification occurs in the body and energy system and affects how the person experiences themselves and the world. Energetic openings often dramatically open someone to new levels of consciousness, embodiment, and intensity of their energy.

In various ancient practices, this spiritual energy is called qi, prana, or kundalini energy. Qi gong, tai chi, yoga, meditation, and tantra can help awaken this energy. However, one can also have a spontaneous Kundalini awakening.

Physical signs of an energy awakening can include energy rushes, tingling, feelings of electrical pulses, change in libido, deeper awareness, and interconnectedness. There can also be negative symptoms for those unaware of what they are going through (a spontaneous kundalini awakening). In such cases, you can have appetite changes, hypersensitivity, insomnia, or extreme altered states of consciousness, to name a few.

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Mind Awakening (Aha)

A mind awakening is when you mentally realize something new about the world. One may experience it as an aha moment (epiphany) or see synchronicity as meaningful. Perhaps a piece of information clicks into place to broaden, deepen, and enrich our complete understanding of life.

At one point in my life, it hit me that the Universe sent me messages with synchronicities and serendipities. The way I navigated in life shifted. I share many of these insights in my book Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles.

Personality Awakening

A new personality awakening is when there has been a substantial shift in one’s behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. The change results from attaining a deeper connection with oneself, perhaps identifying and eliminating patterns that do not serve you while developing practices that do.

Soul Awakening

A soul awakening can occur suddenly or over a long period. It can also be brief and fleeting, or long, yet permitting one a look at enlightenment and see one’s Truth. When long-term soul-awakening occurs, there is a deepening of contact with the higher self (soul). One may unite with their soul purpose, live their spiritual blueprint, and connect with their higher self and spirit guides. There can be significant consciousness expansion to embrace the whole world and touch the cosmos. There may be an opening to a deeper connection to Source (God). In a soul awakening, one may experience moments where there is no separation between oneself and Source. As this happens, insights permeate into awareness, and you increasingly identify as an evolving soul.

Awakening to the Truth (Enlightenment)

The ultimate form of awakening is awakening to the Truth about who you are. It is more commonly known as self-realization or enlightenment. It is when there has been a collapse between experiencing as the self and the All. Here, the self dissolves, and what remains is Unity. It is the experience of Oneness. This rare experience can occur spontaneously or after years of spiritual discipline. It is a gift of grace, a mystical awakening that transcends the mind.

What is a Divine Blueprint, and how does it impact planetary ascension?

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Your divine blueprint is a design of how you can stay aligned with your soul. It is a template or guide to what you can do in this lifetime. Each person has a divine blueprint. You have a unique purpose and life mission. What yours is only you know. You may not realize that fulfilling your purpose—living your truth—your authentic self is important and affects everyone.

If you are on an ascension path, the key is to live your truth and authentic self with sovereignty, and when doing so, you play a more significant role in this planetary shift in consciousness.

Learn more about accepting your part in this ascension to the fifth dimension in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

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