Spiritual Blueprint and Soul’s Purpose

In this post, I share the meaning of the spiritual blueprint (divine blueprint), its relationship to the soul's purpose, and how each person has a unique role in the planetary ascension.

What is a Spiritual Blueprint?

One can think of a divine blueprint (or spiritual blueprint) as a detailed description of your divine plan and life purpose set before incarnating. Your divine blueprint contains the blueprint for your soul's purpose. It is a design of how you can stay aligned with your soul. It is a template or guide to what you can do in this lifetime. It goes beyond what you may call your “purpose in life” yet includes it.

Each person’s blueprint is unique, though some may have similarities with other individuals. When living your blueprint, you live authentically.

Each person has a unique role in this shift in consciousness or ascension. Like your soul’s purpose is included in your divine blueprint, so isn’t your role in this spiritual evolution. What your role is only you know. It is not a question to ask your favorite psychic, life coach, or minister. Your higher self has the answer.

Is your life aligned with your divine blueprint?

We create our life through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and decisions. When our choices align with our spiritual blueprint, our lives are more abundant, joyful, fulfilling, and flow with ease and grace. Whereas, if our decisions aren't in alignment with the soul, we won’t be content. We may feel stuck or stagnant. We may even find the Universe sending bricks from time to time to get us back on course.

Living Authentically

Something else happens when you live your truth (divine blueprint). Your inner or true self (emotions, feelings, thoughts, intuitions, hopes, dreams, and much more) matches your outer self (what we present to the world about who we are). Are you showing the world who you genuinely are?

Each soul has a unique harmonic resonance frequency; a note or a sound. When we live our Truth, when that true inner self matches that outer self, we live authentically and play our soul’s note or frequency and affect everyone on the planet. That makes you important to this planetary shift in consciousness.

The best gift you can give yourself and the world is to live authentically with sovereignty, live your Truth, and see the Truth of others while remaining nonjudgmental as you permit them to have their own consciousness.

What can an individual do to help with the ascension of the planet? Live your divine blueprint.

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  1. Donna Louise Rogers
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    • Thank you, Donna. I am happy you found our site.

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