The Divine Blueprint, Our Mission and Purpose in Life

What is the meaning of the Divine Blueprint (or spiritual blueprint)? How does it relate to the soul’s life purpose or one’s mission in life?

In the 90s, I began seeking my “mission in life.” Since then, I’ve learned that everyone has different purposes, called “callings” to do something. But everyone has the same “mission,” which is to live their Divine Blueprint.

What is the Divine Blueprint?

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In our new book, Gods in the Game,  we expand on one of the concepts introduced in Destination New Earth, and that is the Divine Blueprint.

You can think of a Divine Blueprint as a detailed description of the plan and life purpose set before you incarnate. It contains the design for your soul’s destiny or ultimate life path. It goes beyond your “purpose in life” yet includes it. It is a design of staying aligned with your soul and a template or guide to what you are to do in this lifetime. It is to express your higher self in the physical.

On the one hand, the Divine Blueprint is about being your authentic self. While on the other hand, it’s about doing or seeking out and fulfilling your purpose in life. It’s a balance of being and doing, and as such, it is both masculine and feminine.

What is my purpose in life?

The life path is filled with callings or inklings to serve a life purpose. Here, we set into motion things to perform our life purpose. These callings are strong inner guidance toward a course of action, and that action is doing. These callings can be baby steps toward something more significant and change throughout life to direct us along our highest life path. Alternatively, they can be considerable leaps on your journey.

Living Your Authentic Self

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The Divine Blueprint is a frequency, too. At the soul level, each person has their own frequency or note. When you live your Truth, your Divine Blueprint, you emit that note and become part of something much more significant in this planetary awakening. You assist everyone on the planet.

From this perspective, living your authentic self is genuinely being—integrating that soul essence—in our physical form. In this case, by simply being, we help everyone.

Given that we’re sovereign, we have free will and can choose whether to move toward that Divine Blueprint (or not). At this point in humanity’s evolution, it becomes crucial that members of the “Light Team” live their authentic selves to be a beneficial presence and help reach a critical mass of awakening on the planet.

Learn more about finding your mission in life, the Divine Blueprint, and how to navigate toward it in our upcoming book, Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift.

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    I enjoyed reading your post.
    • Thank you, Donna. I am happy you found our site.
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