Gods in the Game

Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

We are here to help trigger a collective shift in consciousness.

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We’re here to awaken, remember who we are, and shift from 3D to 5D, elevating humanity to its divine inheritance. It isn’t a done deal. It’s part of a game: a battle between light and dark, and Light Team members must achieve a “higher level” of awakening to activate the shift. Roll up your sleeves, learn this higher level, and experience light-code activations.

readers favorite 5 stars shinyAlex Marcoux collaborates with Psychic Medium Shauna Kalicki, Connie, and Ethereal Autist Daniel to expand concepts introduced in their earlier book, Destination New Earth. It’s your turn to receive messages from Cerian, the collective, Daniel, and Mother Mary on God, Lemuria, and Sophia on the evolutionary shift.

In Gods in the Game, learn:

  • You have the potential to access God Consciousness
  • The best gift you can give everyone is to work on your awakening
  • You are a compass and can navigate to your Divine Blueprint

The open-minded and open-hearted will never view the awakening, global events, and God the same.

Not until all the players wake up does the true game begin.” —Cerian

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Daniel is a nonspeaking autistic man assisting in humanity’s evolution. Connie is Daniel’s mother and is committed to sharing information on the Autist Collective. Shauna Kalicki channels the Ascended Masters, Cerian, and Ethereal Autists.


Alex Marcoux is a truth-seeker and an award-winning and international author of spiritual nonfiction and visionary fiction.

Cover art by Josie Yerby