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“As a person who has spent the majority of my life seeking the truth regarding reality and our place within it, I was intrigued and excited to read Gods in the Game.  I soon realized this was no book to read, understand, and enjoy in an afternoon.  Honestly, I will probably begin reading it again soon.  The book helped me with some questions I have been struggling with for a long time while at the same time bringing forward many more questions I haven’t even thought about.  It awakened the realization that my human experience during my waking hours is only one part of my existence.  My relationship with everything around me is connected to an incredible dimensionality to my existence.  If you have ever questioned WHY on any level, this book, as well as Destination New Earth and others by Alex Marcoux, are a must-read.”

Lynne S. ,

Alex's voice in Gods in the Game serves as an oasis in the midst of all the chaos on Planet Earth at this juncture.  Her voice is helping us to make sense of and gain a deeper understanding of what is actually going on.  There is a new paradigm emerging that some call a higher consciousness.  While it is wildly liberating and the answer to many of our prayers, it is also shocking to the nervous system in its being unfathomably outside the box of what we have always believed.

The most important takeaway in my opinion is that ultimately we are sovereign beings and far more powerful than we have ever been told.  Yet this knowledge lies deep in our souls and has only been forgotten.  Alex is here to remind us of that and awaken us to start owning and taking back that sovereign power.

The owning of our true sovereign power and using it consciously rather than unconsciously, as we have been doing, will be the "bricks and mortar" in the building of The New Earth.  As a fellow builder on this path for more than 50 years, I have been alone for the most part in my exploration of these evolutionary ideas. Alex is a voice coming out to reassure me and all the world that this is real and happening here and now.

With great appreciation for the light you are shining, Alex!

Barbara R.,

I started reading Alex Marcoux’s newest book with great interest and open-mindedness. I have read and enjoyed all of her books, most notably her recent ones - The Unsuspected Heroes, Destination New Earth, and now Gods in the Game. Alex has a wonderful way of explaining the challenges we humans face in these current chaotic times and the forces at play working for us behind the scenes. I was fascinated with reading about these gods and higher beings that are helping us to achieve a greater understanding of higher consciousness for ascension to the New Earth. This book expands on the last one, challenging our traditional notions of autism and organized religion, as well as a couple of other controversial subjects. I enjoy a book that teaches and gives hope that we are all here for a reason, working for the greater good.  This one does that and more. Looking forward to the next book!

Nancy P.,

"Gods in the Game" aims to uncover truths and help heal the world.

Alex Marcoux and Shauna Kalicki introduced readers to the message of humanity's sovereignty and the Divine Blueprint in their first book, Destination New Earth. In their latest book, Gods in the Game, they explore autism as part of a person's Blueprint and explain the differences between awakening, enlightenment, and ascension. They also delve into the battle between light and darkness and the various dimensions. The authors emphasize the importance of being authentic, showing love and compassion to others, and how it can help someone gain access to different dimensions. The book covers a wide range of topics, including consciousness, source consciousness, planetary shift, psychic mediums, and ascended masters. These topics are aimed at educating those who have awakened and those who are in the process of awakening.readers' favoriteGods in the Game is an informative book that aims to uncover truths about humanity and help heal the world. It delves into various issues people often avoid, such as wealth distribution and how a small minority of elites control the world narrative and manipulate things to their advantage. The book is well-structured, covering some controversial religious topics that may trigger sensitive readers. However, author Alex Marcoux and contributors Shauna Kalicki, Daniel, and Connie carefully break down each point to ensure readers fully understand the book's message. Most of the topics discussed are familiar, making it easy for readers to connect with them and grasp the concepts. They gradually build on each topic, taking readers on a step-by-step journey of how dimensions work, the history of Lemuria, and many other points. I enjoyed reading this book because it offered a fresh perspective and new insight. Overall, it is well-written and enlightening.

Doreen Chombu for Readers' Favorite ,

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