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The long-awaited shift of consciousness is with us and Destination New Earth takes a refreshing new approach in guiding readers. Author Alex Marcoux enlists the help of psychic channel Shauna Kalicki, in collaboration with Connie and her autistic son Daniel. readers favorite 5 stars shinyThe book takes an in-depth look at the awakening process, with its many facets. It is made clear from the outset that the New Earth is already here, but we need to engage with it by raising our consciousness. The immediate goal is ascension, to be achieved by increasing our vibrational level, as well as tuning in to the planet, which is also experiencing spiritual evolution. The result is that many people are battling to keep up with the new energies and are feeling physical symptoms ranging from ringing in the ears to joint pain, vertigo, skin problems, and a host of similar ailments. These are not readily acknowledged by the medical profession but are clues to the increase in vibrational levels. Alex reminds us that we are spiritual beings who can potentially create our reality. She does not predict a final cataclysm to end the world. Instead, readers are encouraged to take personal responsibility and prepare themselves spiritually. The rules of the game are explored and she cautions that the fine print is often hidden and that we live in a world of illusions. The book is dedicated to all those on the path and they will be drawn to read it.


Destination New Earth is a bold look at the unfolding shift of consciousness that is sweeping the planet, whether or not all of humankind is even aware of it. Alex Marcoux explains the methodology used in the channeling, acknowledging that anomalies do occur due to the density of our third-dimensional understanding and difficulties in the transmission of messages from the Masters. The question of autism is dealt with empathetically and sets the record straight on the many misconceptions surrounding it. The book delves further into our spiritual history and the role of off-planet influences. Advice from the Ascended Masters is included and reincarnation is explained, along with a warning that difficult times lie ahead as the vibrational levels increase. Systems will crumble and relationships will be challenged. It must be understood that this book is neither a conspiracy theory nor an attempt to discredit organized religion. It is concluded with an excellent glossary of terms that may be unfamiliar to some readers. This book is a sincere attempt to answer pressing spiritual questions, offering practical guidance on the road ahead for those seeking spiritual truth, and should be read with an open mind.

destination new earth readers favorite

Leonard William Smuts for Readers' Favorite,

Destination New Earth is a groundbreaking revelation and winner! Captivating! A clever collaboration that brings thought-provoking mystical wisdom, insights, and multi-dimensional viewpoints, written in such a brilliant way that even those unfamiliar with the intel and language could easily digest. If you are open-minded or sense something monumental is happening on Earth, and to humanity, this book is a great resource. It will open your mind to the world of those labeled autistics and channelers unlike any you have ever seen or heard before! A masterpiece for the ages, indeed!”


ABB, anthony Davis, AstralBooBaby endorses Destination New Earth

Anthony Davis, (ABB aka AstralBooBaby), Multimedia artist, messenger, and blogger

THIS BOOK IS A GIFT! It is a BLUEPRINT AND GUIDE for the times we are living in. It is witness to the realization of spiritual awareness of autist consciousness and the wisdom of the ages. It asks us to WAKE UP and raise our frequency to the wisdom of harmonic love. Allow yourself to SOAK WITH EVERY WORD, for the sacredness of the exposure and inquiry from each word reveals a greater advancement of the COSMIC TRUTH of individuals and our New Earth.

Rev. Dr. Patty Luckenbach, Author of “The Land of Tears: Is a Secret Place” and “I Only Walk on Water When It Rains”

Have you ever wondered what all this New Earth stuff is about? This THOUGHT-PROVOKING book will answer some of those questions, even some you didn’t realise you had! As a parent to an autistic child with ADHD, I resonate with the vision of these special members of humanity as being the next step in our evolutionary process and harbingers of the New Earth. Destination New Earth clarified that vision and helped me see even more of the BIGGER PICTURE. A GREAT READ!

Rachel Goodwin, Channel for Ascended Master Sarah, Author of Sarah’s Little Book of Healing

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