Here are various interviews with Alex discussing her various spirituality books and visionary fiction books.

Interviews & Events

Mysterious Radio

Sacred Sisters Empowerment Group (In Person)

Thur. Sep. 15, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm MDT
Teen Underground 9079 W. Alameda Avenue, Lakewood, CO
Women gather monthly in person to be heard, listen, love, and support each other.

Sacred Sisters Empowerment Group (Zoom)

Tue., Sep. 13, 9:30 am – 11:00 am MDT
Venue: Women’s Zoom Meeting
Phone: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 860 8221 4178
Women gather monthly by Zoom to be heard, listen, love, and support each other.

Pharaoh Radio - Jayratedr - July 24, 2022, | Special Return Guest Appearance: Alex Marcoux, Connie, Daniel & Shauna Kalicki

The Matrix Minds with Mathew Turner - July 2022 | Destination New Earth w/Alex Marcoux

In this show, we have a special appearance by Connie, who joins in by phone.

New Human Living Radio with Les Jensen - June 2022 | Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness with Alex Marcoux

Please note that this show airs live on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Women Awakening with Cynthia James - May 2022 | Destination New Earth

Pharaoh Radio - Jayratedr - May 2022 | Shauna Kalicki, Connie, Daniel, and Alex Marcoux

This is the first interview to include Shauna Kalicki, Connie, and Alex (and Daniel was present).

Midnight, On Earth - May 2022 | Destination New Earth

Sacred Autism & The New Earth w/ Alex Marcoux

Mystical Underground - May 2022 | Destination New Earth

Mystical Underground - December 2020 | The Unsuspected Heroes

Beyond Verbal Autists Video

Darker Side of the Moon Podcast - 2007 | A Matter of Degrees

Laura Moon & Becky Ray

alex marcoux darker side of the moon podcast

Click to listen to the podcast on "A Matter of Degrees" to learn about the conspiracy of all times.

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