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The following is the Introduction of Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift. May this post serve as an excerpt of our book. I invite you to read it with an open heart and mind.


“I have said, ye are Gods.” —Psalms 82:6 (KJV)

Some say it is blasphemy to think you’re God. It’s blasphemous to think otherwise.

This book is not for everyone. It is not a spirituality book for beginners nor a prayer book. It is not visionary fiction. It’s not solely a spiritual memoir, but you may call it a spiritual memoir “plus” the insights of higher-dimensional beings.

This book is nonfiction and intended for readers who are awakening or awakened during our current planetary shift in consciousness. It is for the awakened and awakening Lightworkers, Starseeds, 144000, Wayshowers, New Children, Autists, and the Awakened Ones. It is for the Light Team.

Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

Available March 19, 2024

Much of the information within Gods in the Game is channeled by Shauna Kalicki and from the Ascended Master Mother Mary, the Ethereal Autist Daniel, and Cerian. I’m the first to admit that information from twelfth-dimension Mother Mary, sixteenth-dimension Cerian, and the all-dimensional Daniel does not always agree. But that shouldn’t be surprising; everyone comes from a different—not higher or lower—point of reference, including me.

What makes this channeled material different from some other books is that I am not the channel. The channel is Shauna Kalicki. I discern the channeled material through my set of filters, always intending to write and reveal the Truth.

Please know that I am a fellow journeyer, writer, and intuitive. If you have read my earlier work, you know I strive to reveal Truths that have been lost or hidden from humanity. I consider myself the interviewer and, in many cases, the interpreter of the information. Still, as you will see, much of the material is given in its original dialogue, especially if it could be interpreted in many ways.

At times, I provide both the channeled information and follow with my interpretation of it. Not because I want to be repetitive or put in my two cents, but because I am not perfect, and your interpretation may take you elsewhere—which is good. I do not want to hinder your experience, but add to it where I can.

Other times, when the messages are evident to me, yet the language of the channeled entity is complex, I break down the messages and paraphrase them to help make the reading experience easier.

destination new earth book cover

Learn more about the consciousness shift here.

Gods in the Game is a standalone book. As I indicated in the preface, this book expands on the concepts presented in Destination New Earth. I do not want you to feel you have to read Destination New Earth first. Admittedly, though, I hope you’re inspired to read it after this book because it is energetically a boosting experience in itself.

Parts I and II of this book either serve as a refresher for the Destination New Earth reader or summarize portions of that book for those who haven’t read it. Those two sections cover autism’s role in the evolutionary shift and provide essential information on the New Earth so we can expand on certain concepts in the later sections.

In Part III, I dive into the various types and stages of awakening that humanity experiences and discuss a higher level of awakening that the planet needs now to jumpstart a collective evolutionary shift. I also discuss the difference between awakening, enlightenment, and ascension.

The later parts of the book jump into topics that Daniel wanted to discuss. He had particular messages for humanity about God, and in his words, “It is a fabric of reality that is completely unknown to humans. Humans are only scratching the surface.” He also wanted to talk about Lemuria and sovereignty and the state of the planet. I explored these topics further with Cerian and Mother Mary.

Some of the “what-if” prompts explored within Gods in the Game include:

  • What if you manifest and create your life from the perspective of energy?
  • What if you created your own world, and no one else is responsible for it but you?
  • What if you made choices—you wrote your storyline and are constantly writing your storyline—and nobody else is except you?
  • What if there is a Spark of Life within you, and you have the potential to access the Spark of Light within, which is God Consciousness?
  • What if you can work with that God Consciousness if you choose to be responsible or accountable for your own life and thoughts?
  • What if the cream of the crop, those awakened Lightworkers, Starseeds, 144000, New Children, and others, were to experience the ascension right now? Do you think that is why you’re here?
  • What if I told you that you’re not here to ascend but to experience an evolutionary collective shift in consciousness?
  • What if I told you—you are a God in the game?
  • What if I told you that humans created God?

I hear the cries of, “Blasphemy, heresy, sacrilege!”

Didn’t Yeshua (Jesus) say, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalms 82:6 (KJV)). In this case, isn’t it more blasphemous to think otherwise?

Let me add one more “what if.” What if God shows up for us when we show up for God?

My interest has always been to help readers understand these concepts. Since each reader is not at the same point in their spiritual journey, whether I write fiction or nonfiction, I provide a glossary of terms at the back of my books and online at my website. We are all on different paths, and I don’t want to lose anyone. I encourage you to refer to the glossary when unfamiliar with my terms.

Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

Inspired by real events.

Since 2011, I have been learning about what this book calls “Pure Autism.” Who are the Pure Autists? Certainly, Destination New Earth shares more, but to simplify, let’s just say they are higher energetic beings. I’ve devoted over a decade to learning from them, studying, and writing books like The Unsuspected Heroes, Destination New Earth, and now Gods in the Game.

Over the years, I’ve sensed that some spiritual teachers, particularly those asking to be followed, are not authentic. Yet, I’ve never felt inauthenticity with the Ethereal Autists I know. They have never asked to be followed nor demanded anything from anyone. They serve us and ask much from their families and caregivers to support them while doing their work, all because they love us.

I used fiction to communicate their stories in The Unsuspected Heroes. I chose that path because fiction hits the reader where they’re at. If the reader is unawakened, they will read a story, and seeds will be planted. Those seeds may never germinate, but the reader could become more open to metaphysical concepts. If the reader is awakened, they will have an entirely different experience.

As in the earlier book, Destination New Earth, this information is not exactly warm and fuzzy. Some of it is downright controversial. But it is time to make it known to humanity. This book may resonate with you or it may challenge you. I ask that you read this with an open heart and mind—that is your job. My job has always been to convey the information that resonates as Truth.

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