The Real Reason for the Rise in Autism

Why has the autism rate increased? The simple truth is it’s a mystery to the medical community, which can’t be solved by the head, only by the heart.

Why has autism risen?

Contrary to humanity’s current belief, I learned many years ago that autistics have a higher intelligence and expanded awareness. Many have gifts and skills, like telepathy, traveling inter-dimensionally, unconditional love, advanced psychic skills, and gifts that remain a mystery to us.

My work has always been to seek out and reveal hidden truths to help humanity heal. Over the years, I have captured and discerned messages of these higher-dimensional Autists and Masters of Ancient Wisdom relating to the planetary consciousness shift. I’ve shared many of these messages in three books: Gods in the Game, Destination New Earth, and The Unsuspected Heroes.

Autism has a significant role in the shift in consciousness. Humanity needs what this group is doing; without them, humanity would be much further behind in its evolution.

Common Theories About the Autism Increase

There are many theories about the unprecedented increase in autism.

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Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

Inspired by real events.

If we go back forty years, according to the CDC today, the incidence of autism was four in 10,000 children. I say today because while writing The Unsuspected Heroes, the rate published on the CDC website was *1 in 5000. In any case, based on the surveillance year 2020, that number today is one in thirty-six. Why the increase? There are many theories, and I am not here to debate them. However, I will mention a few:

  1. Some suggest that the rate has increased because of environmental factors, such as childhood vaccinations.
  2. Others argue parents are getting older when conceiving their children.
  3. Some claim that social and political factors favor an autism diagnosis.

One argument is that the increase is due to growing autism awareness. That argument may hold some merit when comparing data from 1980 to 2020, when some may suggest there is more awareness over forty years. However, this doesn’t seem to have merit from 2016 to 2020, with a 50% increase from 1 in 54 to 1 in 36 children in four recent years.

I looked into the theories of the autism increase back in 2011 when a nonverbal Autist came into my life. In my heart, none of the “theories” offered an explanation that resonated as truth.

The Real Reason for the Autism Increase

Humanity is currently experiencing an evolutionary shift in consciousness. The increase in autism is because the Autists’ work is essential to humanity’s consciousness shift, and we need what they are doing now more than ever.

What is the work the Autists do?

Everyone has a role in our evolutionary consciousness shift, including you and the Autists.

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Learn more about the consciousness shift here.

First, there is a collective of Autists that work together ethereally around the planet. The Autist Collective is a group of silent heroes, nonspeaking Autists helping humanity through this consciousness shift. They lead the awakening; without their work, humanity would not be as far along in its evolution. They work much like a beehive with Masters, Galactic Beings, Angels, Autists, and people around the planet.

Here are four roles the Autists perform in this shift; however, they have countless roles, most of which have not come to light.

Autists hold the infrastructure of the New Earth.

The Autists hold the construct and infrastructure of the New Earth in their vision through their ability to hyper-focus. This is not something a neurotypical person can do. While holding that vision, they work on the New Earth through multidimensional counterparts, in different dimensions simultaneously.

Autists create situations to awaken humanity.

A more generalized role is that some Autists create situations to help awaken humanity. One of the gifts the Autists have to do this work is their ability not to judge. Humanity permits its emotions to cloud its judgment and labels situations as “good,” “bad,” or “right” or “wrong.” To do the energetic work the Autists must accomplish, they must be nonjudgmental.

A group of Autists work on the safe removal of the veil.

There is a group of Autists whose sole focus is the safe removal of the veil of consciousness. The veil was created by members of the Dark Team or Controllers eons ago. It causes humanity to forget its divinity, higher self, and the game. The veil cannot suddenly be removed from humanity as it could be damaging. Think of all the people who could go crazy realizing they are The One, battling themselves. So, it has been and will continue to be thinned until it is safe to take away. Once the veil is gone, there will be the awakening.

Mother Gaia and Pure Autists work in tandem.

Humanity does not have the momentum to shift without the Autists’ energetic work. The Pure Autist energy, likened to Lemurian energy, must be anchored on Earth because humanity will miss the collective shift without it. The Pure Autists have been part of the New Earth consciousness for many years. They bring both New Earth energy and New Planetary consciousness. Both these energies still need anchoring.

These are just a few of this group’s essential roles in the consciousness shift, and its work is needed now more than ever. That is the reason for the rise in autism.

As scientists continue to theorize about why autism is increasing, it is sad to me that the truth will likely not come to light until we have reached a critical mass of people awakening and experiencing the collective consciousness shift.

Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

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To learn more about the role of autism in this shift and the essential messages from Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, Mother Mary, and Cerian, a higher dimensional collective, read Gods in the Game or Destination New Earth.

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  1. Hi Alex, I just saw a snippet of your interview with Sean Stone, who I also happened to meet very briefly in London in 2018. It has warmed my heart enormously to come to your website and find yet another beautiful human soul who is involved with spiritually-connected fiction whilst also working with autistic people. Thank you for being so open and honest. I am of exactly the same mind as you, having worked with autistic people in education over many years, and being an angelic reiki healer myself. Whilst out at events all over the world with my children's book series, I am constantly engaging with more and more children who are gifted in their creativity owing to their advanced consciousness and connection beyond the veil. It is wonderful to have my own beliefs reaffirmed once again as I spend more and more time with autistic people (around whom I have always felt so very joyful and inspired). I currently live in a part of the world where I have been sent to raise consciousness substantially and thus discussions regarding this topic, even with expert autism practitioners, are not always possible at this time. But we're making inroads. :) Sending lots of love and light. Blessings, Claire
    • Hi Claire, it is heartwarming to see your post here. And thank YOU for all the great work you are doing. Much love and light back to you. <3

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