Connecting with Your Body

Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, shares the importance that parents and guardians of autistics connect with their bodies as it helps the autistic and the individual in unexpected ways.

Daniel says, “Say hello to your body!”

I want parents/caretakers/guardians to put consciousness on their bodies. To feel what it is like to be in the body. Typically, most people ignore or are unaware of how it feels to be in their bodies until they are experiencing pain or discomfort. The body needs conscious attention. The body needs conscious connections.

Why is it important for us to be aware of our bodies?

Most people are entirely numb to their bodies. It will help tremendously if parents/caretakers/guardians are more aware of their bodies because they can act as a grounding force for their children that are beyond their bodies and who leave their bodies often out of necessity and survival. If they are more connected to their bodies, the more grounded their children can become in their bodies.

How does being aware of one’s body assist Autists?

Connecting to one’s body will help with the connection to us (Autists) because it builds a connection to the self. To connect to another, we must be able to connect with ourselves. Being more aware of your body is an exercise that can enhance that connection. We open up the connection to the Autists by connecting to our bodies.

What are the exercises to do this?

Do stretches, nothing formal, just stretch however you feel comfortable. You can communicate to your body parts through stretching. When moving, send each part of your body that you are stretching love and attention. Connect to it, and thank it for getting you this far. When doing your stretches, visualize a golden key unlocking a door blocking the free flow of energy within certain areas of your body.

Have a more intimate relationship with your body. Get in the practice of describing, writing down, or being more aware of how you feel in your body. You take it for granted that you can control your bodies because most of us Autistics are untethered fully here; thus, we cannot.

Gratitude is the key.

Gratitude is fundamental. It is such a critical practice to send gratitude to the body, not just attention, but gratitude and gratefulness. The body has been with us all this time, from the baby, embryonic times, and childhood, until now. Our cells have also been with us for the same amount of time and have carried us all these decades. So, gratitude for the body is the key, the golden key.

Gratitude is the key that will unlock any blockages that the body carries. It will allow the energy to flow through those blockages.

How can one be grateful if one has an illness? Or a body-image flaw? Or if they just feel their bodies work against them?

Daniel ethereal autisticYour body loves you! The body loves its owner unconditionally. For people with an illness or a perceived body issue, that is a person who is in pain on some level, but it is not the body’s fault, nor the person’s fault. They are just in pain. And everybody is in pain. It can manifest for some people as an illness. It is nobody’s fault, and it is not the body’s fault either, but know that your body loves you no matter what condition it is in. The body goes until it stops going eventually, but even through it all, the body is still here with us. Love the person who is in pain. Love the person…. Love the person!

Connie says, "Acknowledge the pain and transmute it."

When this transmission came through, I could not help but recall that just a few months back, Daniel had asked me what it felt like to be in my body. To my shock, describing how I felt in my body was a little challenging. I realized at that moment that I never really gave it any thought. I am so busy with everything that goes on in my life; therefore, feeling in my body was never a thing.

I, of course, am making every effort to feel, connect and be aware of my body now. As I connect to my body, I either send telepathic messages to Daniel about how I feel or say it out loud to him. He has expressed to me that me doing this actually helps him connect to his body more because, for the most part, things feel foreign to him.

I know most of us probably are unaware of how foreign our children’s bodies are to them at times, even how foreign some things we do are to them. Don’t automatically assume that since your child may be connected to all realms and so magical with their abilities, they know everything there is to what humans experience. That is not the case, and I have learned this.

The Autists are master teachers, but so are their caretakers/parents/guardians, regardless of whether they are aware of it (you don’t think you were selected for this role by accident, do you?).

Another important thing to note is that when our children share messages, even if it is difficult to believe or something you don’t agree or resonate with, please be open to the message and learn what it may mean. I say this because Daniel typed something that did not resonate with me years ago, and I was extremely vocal about not agreeing with the message and how it offended me. It took him a while to trust sharing anything with me again. I realized after the fact that the message he shared was valid. I was just not ready to hear it at that time.

Daniel's comment about everyone being in pain may strike some nerves, especially for those who feel their life is fabulous and not in pain. Please remember that our children may relay messages that do not resonate with us, but we must go within and figure out what they may mean. Their mission is to share knowledge to assist the planet, never to harm. In addition, there is no benefit or reward they receive for sharing not-so-popular messages.

If we feel pain, can we work on transmuting and healing it by acknowledging it?  Can we love the person in pain, even if we don’t know the pain is there? And if the pain is truly not there, can we work on sending that energy of not being in pain and total peace in your body to our fellow brothers and sisters who could use that good energy?

 Who are Daniel and Connie?

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