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Release Fear Chant

In this crazy world, fear is our worst enemy. Fear can keep us enslaved and tie us to the third dimension preventing our sovereign right to ascend to the next dimension and beyond. Light Language is an ancient sacred code of Sound and Light. It is a multidimensional language that all lifeforms understand at the…

Nonspeaking Autistic Mystic Endorses “The Unsuspected Heroes”

It is no secret that my series, A Journey to the New Earth, was inspired by three nonspeaking autistics. Many will wonder, ‘what is true and what is fiction?’ One of the autistics is Lyrica Marquez and she shares the following about the upcoming book, The Unsuspected Heroes. Autistic Avatar says, "An Epic Fairy Tale!"…

What Happened to Alex Marcoux?

Some may wonder, what happened to author Alex Marcoux? Is she still writing? Did she find her missing heart-piece on Wayna Picchu? Has she gone to the New Earth? Did she discover the Holy Grail at the Chateau de Montsegur? Or, did she find the Atlantean Mother crystal in Arkansas? These answers and more to…

Autism – A new breed of angels or Lightworkers?

Is it possible that autistic people are mystics, spiritual savants, or Lightworkers incognito?  Alternatively, perhaps angels walking among us? Those following my blog know I don’t review books.  But not too long ago I was privy to reading a pre-publication galley of a new book AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence. The book…

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