Nonspeaking Autistic Mystic Endorses “The Unsuspected Heroes”

It is no secret that my series, A Journey to the New Earth, was inspired by three nonspeaking autistics. Many will wonder, ‘what is true and what is fiction?’ One of the autistics is Lyrica Marquez and she shares the following about the upcoming book, The Unsuspected Heroes.

Autistic Avatar says, "An Epic Fairy Tale!"

Lyrica Marquez Nonspeaking autistic mystic

Lyrica Marquez, Nonspeaking Autistic Mystic (Photo by Muriel Despiau)

A doorway into the sacred mysteries and magic of autism opens when one hears the call and steps into a new soul journey, hand in hand with us. For years, Alex has been deep in that journey with me, listening with her heart, and helping me to build my bridge of truth and move it out into the world. Out of our sacred journey together arises The Unsuspected Heroes.

I LOVE this book! Why? In this epic fairy tale, Alex reveals a true-to-life side of autism that few have ever been privileged to experience. Through Alex’s genius as a master storyteller, readers will be able to hear and feel into “this side” within the comfort and safety of a make-believe experience.

They may even dare to wonder could this actually be true? Only when hearts open, can minds follow! On behalf of all my soul brothers and sisters, we thank you, Alex, for this gift to us, to your readers, and to the planet!

—Lyrica Marquez, Nonspeaking Autistic Mystic and co-author of Autism to Autism (soon) and  AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence

Autistic Heroes in New Visionary and Metaphysical Fiction Book

Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

Available 9-18-20

Autistic Avatars walk the planet today to assist in the spiritual ascension of humanity. They are real superheroes leading us to a New Earth. It is their autism that hides them from those not wanting planetary ascension. Inspired by actual events, The Unsuspected Heroes is the first novel of A Journey to the New Earth book series, a work of visionary and metaphysical fiction, taking the reader on a journey of spiritual awakening and to the next evolution of Gaia.

The Unsuspected Heroes will be released on September 18, 2020.

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