Emotions Catapult Spiritual Evolution

Daniel, a Pure Autistic, shares how emotions are our teachers and gifts that we often overlook—yet can catapult our spiritual evolution.

Daniel:  Emotions are Powerful Teachers

The Autist Collective has said this before, and I would like to reiterate that all emotions are of a high frequency. Knowing that all emotions are of a high frequency will help people have a more neutral stance about their own emotions and will help them honor their own emotions.

Emotions come to serve you. All emotions are in our energy fields at all times, waiting to be called on and experienced. Humans are one of the most emotional beings in the existence of all universes and multiverses. Emotions are stronger here than they are on most planets.

Every emotion is here to serve you, every single one. Emotions are blessings, even the ones we don’t want.

Joy can last longer by bringing consciousness to it.

We need to put consciousness on all emotions, even the “good” ones. People don’t realize how joyful they are when they are experiencing joy. Most don’t appreciate the joy when experiencing it. We don’t often tap into our emotions on the deepest level. Joy turns out to be pleating when it is not. Joy can last longer if we bring consciousness to it.

For some reason, the heavier emotions (anger, grief, sadness) seem to last longer. But what if they don’t? What if it just feels that way because we are trying to get rid of that emotion instead of connecting to it? And in doing so, that emotion lingers around because it demands to be heard and paid attention to. Emotions are powerful teachers if we have the patience to listen to their lessons.

Galactic beings have no idea how it feels to be full of emotions like a human. Start seeing emotions as a tremendous gift that will catapult you in your evolution. The more emotion that one experiences, the further one goes past death.

You have no idea that emotions are powerful teachers. See emotions as your teachers like Mr. Anger or Ms. Sadness, etc. See them as teachers and blessings, and your life will change. There is no need to feel guilty about having any emotion. We have much to teach the alien race based on our emotional intelligence.

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Connie: Emotions are Humanity’s Superpower

Just a few days before Daniel provided this information, my husband and I watched a few movies where the main plot was the suppression of human emotion. The lack of emotion made the humans virtually powerless and robotic-like. In another film we watched, mastering the emotions helped one of the characters step into their superhuman power. Most movies you watch these days that involve some superpower show the character’s powers activated through emotion. It is not foreign for us to read or watch something Daniel addresses later.

Daniel bringing up emotions also made me recall my husband’s visit with several alien beings the year MAWAB oil was created. The beings asked him if he could describe human emotions to them. Interestingly, they did not want him to explain it verbally. They wanted him to feel it so that they could experience it. My husband indicated that when this was happening, he could literally feel them tapping into him to experience these emotions.

I remember being a little confused about that encounter because I could not understand the significance of aliens wanting to understand our emotions. It was my opinion at that time that emotions made you weak.  Now, of course, I know that emotions are what makes humans one of the most powerful beings ever.

Destination New Earth

Daniel and Connie are contributors to Destination New Earth: A blueprint to 5D Consciousness, a Living Now Book Awards winner in Metaphysical/Exploring Consciousness.

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Alex: Anything of God is High Frequency

I asked Daniel about his statement that all emotions are high-frequency. My human brain struggled with this, as fear typically resonates around 19 Hz versus unconditional love around 500 Hz. To me, fear would be considered a low frequency. But I stood corrected as Daniel said, “anything of God is high frequency.”

All emotions are of God, and they are all powerful teachers.

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