Overcoming Sadness on the Planet Through the Soul

In this entry by Ethereal Autist Daniel, he shares how Mother Gaia holds humanity’s sadness, which is so overwhelming today that even animals and mammals are impacted. He further suggests that unacknowledged, unprocessed sadness is debilitating and will kill us. Humanity is currently experiencing much loss and despair, and Daniel offers an exercise to assist humanity in moving through our sadness.

One day, Ethereal Autist Daniel, who communicates through facilitated communication, sat down and typed “Sad Earth.” When his mother, Connie, asks him what he means, the following message for humanity comes through.

Sad Earth

Daniel ethereal autisticThe Earth is not sad. She is too extraordinarily perfect to be sad. Mother Earth is not happy either. She is too extraordinarily perfect to be happy. Earth is, Earth gives, Earth replenishes, Earth nourishes. The Earth is not sad.

So what do I mean by sad Earth? The Earth holds sadness, but despite this, the Earth is not sad. The feelingness of sadness on Earth is overwhelming. There are sad dolphins, elephants, all types of animals. I have never experienced anything like this.

Tonight, I want to acknowledge the sadness and help Earth hold it. We can help her nourish, nurture, and replenish simply by taking a moment to acknowledge sadness.

What I really want to talk about tonight is sadness itself.

What is sadness?

Sadness is a sense of loss, a loss of whatever it may be. Sadness is the reaction of losing something and putting the energy of depletion out to the world/Earth. Sadness has the effect of depletion, which is something the Earth is going through. We are depleting the Earth’s resources, but the Earth itself is not sad.

Sadness depletes us.

Fear plays a little part in this, but I want to focus on sadness. Now that you know depletion is an effect of sadness, focus on how depleted we have become: depleted of knowledge, nourishment, and shelter. This is just sadness.

Humans are just so far in it that the medicine is “dead.” Humanity is so far down in the hole, and this is just sadness, this isn’t anger, this isn’t frustration, this isn’t even grief…grief is sadness on steroids. What I would like for you to do is just to focus on depletion.

Visualize the following:

  • Your body is like a battery getting depleted over time, the little line of the battery showing the status as slowly draining or depleting.
  • Hold onto the truth that the soul is forever, infinite, fully charged at all times, and never becomes depleted. Be in that awareness, be in that consciousness.
  • Be in the energy of fullness and depletion simultaneously. Acknowledge the two opposing truths exist simultaneously.

This is NOT energy work.

soul and physicalExperiencing loss creates sadness.

When we lose people, we don’t really lose them because there is really no death. This can help ease sadness; it will still be present, but it can ease it.

As far as material things go, it is already gone. You have already lost it.

Now, see an empty battery outline. The battery is fully depleted, the soul is fully charged, and the soul does not experience sadness on any level. Sadness is foreign to the soul. So, one can say that depletion is an illusion, part of human programming. It is possible for us in this moment to undo that programming.

This is a powerful acknowledgment. The sadness will not consume but will eventually deplete one over a lifetime. The amount of sadness that a human can experience can cause more depletion, which eventually leads to the death of a body. 

Connie asks, “Where is God in all of this sadness? Is this part of the game?” [We’ll get to that.]

Yes. Because in moments of sadness, you are more in a contemplation mode, which makes you more aware of whether you know it or not. The exercise deprograms us to use the battery depleting with the knowledge of our infinite soul. It never gets depleted. It is fully charged all of the time. We can deprogram ourselves by doing this exercise.

Connie’s Thoughts

The key takeaway I learned from Daniel’s sharing on this topic is acknowledging sadness. At times, sadness is shunned or suppressed because it is judged as a weaker emotion. We must be brave enough to ride the wave of sadness, knowing that all is well. Ignoring the sadness does not make it disappear. Instead, it spreads like a ferocious wildfire. Daniel has been constantly reiterating lately not to suppress sadness.

This is important because there is a severe sense of sadness on the planet at this time—sadness due to death, war, illness, suppression of the truth, or even betrayal. Focusing on the battery depletion exercise in my moments of sorrow has been challenging because I am too busy having a pity party.  However, when disciplined enough, I have found that although it does not relieve the sadness, the experience is different. Try it out the next time you are sad, and see how it feels.

Alex’s Thoughts

When we lose someone we love, there is no death; there is transformation. Humans are energetic beings having a physical experience, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The energy can be transformed into something else. Daniel suggests that we can comfort ourselves, knowing our loved one has moved on to a greater expression. Their Spark of Life has begun its journey back to their soul, and their soul continues its growth, fully charged forever, without sadness.

For someone going through the grieving process, these words may feel empty. The sadness we feel is our sadness for our loss. We should feel joy for our loved ones when they transition, but we can’t until we have successfully processed our emotions.

Emotion is meant to be in motion and move through us. Historically, women express emotions better than men, who are encouraged to hide their feelings. Men are told that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. Do you think it’s a coincidence that women live five+ years longer than men in the US?

Humans are like a battery. We are energy, and unexpressed emotions drain the body quicker. Until the fountain of youth is available for all, could Daniel’s visualization of sadness and the soul be a way to deprogram the body from aging? Could processing sadness in this way deprogram the body from depletion, perhaps re-energizing it, restoring it to health and vitality? I don’t know.

Could it be helpful for us to realize that we’re energetic beings, there truly is no death, and our loved ones have returned to fullness? And we will reunite with them? Can we find joy in that?

I think so, but first, we must get out of our own way.

What Game Did Connie Refer to in her question?

Daniel and Connie are contributors to Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness, a Living Now Book Award winner in Metaphysical/Exploring Consciousness, and Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift (March 2024).

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Daniel continues his thoughts in High Vibrational Autist Says Sadness Points to Joy.

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