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High Vibrational Autist Says Sadness Points to Joy

In this blog, Daniel, a high vibrational Autist, delivers a personal message to his parents, encouraging them to look at sadness differently. With so much sadness in the world, he approved his message to be published for humanity, hoping it would benefit many.


Healing Ancestral Trauma

In this post, Daniel, an Ethereal Autistic, shares that we can heal ancestral trauma through our galactic DNA and RNA, as humans have alien genetics. Daniel's Thoughts: Galactic DNA and RNA and Genetics People don’t know how genetic trauma works or that it can be healed. Many Autists feel the trauma of their ancestors. DNA…

Connecting with Your Body

Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, shares the importance that parents and guardians of autistics connect with their bodies as it helps the autistic and the individual in unexpected ways.


High Vibrational Autistics Live in the Now

In this post, Daniel invites parents of autistics to meet their children in the now. At the same time, Connie, Daniel’s mother, shares that many parents will be awakening to the truth about their high vibrational autistic children.


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