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Autistics illuminating the New Earth are easy targets in this spiritual war

In an unusual session with Daniel, who communicates through facilitated communication and psychic means, he reminds everyone (particularly parents of autistics) that we are in a spiritual war and Autists are prone to be targeted. A Spiritual War and Infiltrators [caption id="attachment_25555" align="alignright" width="194"] Now Available[/caption] Daniel’s mother, Connie, also reminds us that the Autists…

Neutrality is medicine for the soul

Daniel, a nonverbal man with autism, communicates to parents and caretakers about embracing emotions and practicing neutrality or open acceptance. While he recommends this to parents or those caring for autistics, he endorses these practices for all—since emotions are a big part of everyone's life. About Daniel Daniel is one of the contributors to Destination…

Daniel’s Corner: A Message to Parents of Autistics

With it being Autism Awareness Month, Daniel, a nonverbal autistic brings an important message to parents, caretakers, and guardians of autists.  His message puts autism awareness and acceptance in a new light. From Alex: A New Way to Celebrate Autism Awareness Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness brings clarity, light, and awareness to…

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