Are we Gods, and is life a game?

With the release of our new book, Gods in the Game, you may wonder, ‘Are humans divine? Are we Gods? And is life a game? I want you to be curious and ask yourself, ‘Are you a God in the game?’ More importantly, are you a Light Team member here to help jumpstart the collective shift in consciousness?

It all began in Lemuria.

Our lives are part of an elaborate game that began back in Lemuria. It was then that fractals of Source Consciousness separated from Itself. What do I mean by Source Consciousness? I mean the I AM, the Highest Power or, as most would say, God.

Why would It separate? Source Consciousness is not physical. Source created step-down versions of Itself to experience life more fully in the physical. It took eons for Source Consciousness to evolve into physicality and in our Universe that occurred on Earth in Lemuria.

The veil of consciousness was intentional.

The Lemurians were expressions of Source Consciousness. They knew they were Source and knew they were to evolve into physicality. In doing so, they lost their memory of being divine.

This is when humanity forgot who we are. We have amnesia created by the veil of consciousness, and while that veil was created by those who control humanity—it was part of the plan.

And the games begin.

This game has multiple levels. One hypothesis was that after achieving physicality and forgetting who we were, when the veil is lifted, and we remember that we are expressions of Source, would we choose to remain in 3D physicality or opt to level up to 5D, to re-member with our higher self and experience the New Earth?

Each human has a Spark of Life, an aspect of the soul that makes humanity divine. Each human has the potential to access the Spark of Light within, which is God Consciousness.

The 3D Game is to achieve our Divine Blueprint.

The objective of the 3D game is to live your Divine Blueprint. We are currently facing the end of the 3D game. To level up, we must achieve our Divine Blueprint and live our authentic selves.

As the 3D game ends, most humans will not shift to 5D. Instead, we will enter a new game with new rules, twists, and turns. We will remain in this new game until a significant portion of humanity awakens to a higher level and triggers a collective shift.

Whether humanity chooses to remain in the 3D or 5D, there are no winners or losers. The 3D offers more polarities and, therefore, more experiences and lessons the soul may need for soul growth.

Not all humans are meant to move on to the 5D, and not all humans have in their Divine Blueprint to access the Spark of Light.

If you’re reading this and curious about the evolutionary shift in consciousness and the awakening, the 5D is likely your path, and you, dear ones, are a God in the game.

Are you a Light Team member?

The Masters tell us that for the collective shift in consciousness to occur, elevating a significant portion of humanity to 5D, Light Team members must achieve a higher level of awakening to trigger or jumpstart this collective shift, which will bring the Gods in the game, a portion of humanity, into 5D.

This is why many of you are here walking the planet now. Perhaps you are a God in the game awaiting the collective shift. Or, maybe you are a Light Team member to assist the Gods in the game to make this evolutionary shift.

Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

Take a deeper dive into Gods in the Game (2024).

Do you feel you are here to do something significant? To help create this New Earth? Then, you are likely a Light Team member.

This collective shift has been in the making for eons. Light Team members have come very far. Whether you are here to experience this collective shift or jumpstart it,  or want to learn more about the Divine Blueprint, I invite you to take a deeper dive and check out our new book, Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift.

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