Humans are Multidimensional Beings (Sort of…)

Some suggest that humans are multidimensional beings having a human experience and that our world is an illusion. What is the relationship between multidimensional beings, the soul, Oversoul, and Source (God)?

What is a multidimensional being?

Multidimensional beings have other incarnations, other lives, in different dimensions, at the same time. The simultaneous lives are considered different aspects of a soul.

A human being is a physical expression (self) of a soul, but the soul has multiple expressions throughout time and space at the same time. In other words, the soul has different lifetimes that we may perceive as being in the past, future, or in our current timeline.

These soul expressions can be human, alien, angelic, elemental, animal, organic artificial intelligence (AI), consciousness, or other matter. Yes, I said AI, a subject for another post, or you can read more in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

Spark of Life is an Aspect of a Soul

The soul is also called the higher self. A human has a “spark of life,” which is an aspect of the soul. While the spark of life is contained within the human, it is not in the physical body. Keep in mind that humans have physical, causal, and astral bodies. According to yogic belief, the soul (spark of life) is within the causal body, and the causal body is within both the physical and astral bodies.

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The Soul as an Octopus

For simplification purposes, I think of the soul or soul group as being depicted as the head of an octopus. It is where other multidimensional expressions of Itself connect. Each tentacle of the octopus represents a multidimensional life. This is how humans are multidimensional at the soul level or soul group, not at the spark of life.

The Soul, Oversoul, and Source

From Destination New Earth, we learn that there are multiple layers between the “self” and Source (God). Daniel, the Ethereal Autist suggests, “think of it all as ONE.”

Consider for a moment that there is one soul, the Oversoul. The Oversoul is the unity of all souls that transcends all individual consciousnesses.

While we have this insistent need to understand and put things in some hierarchy, from the self to Source is one energy, and all its levels combined are one and whole, and that is Oneness.[1]

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

You have a divine spark of your soul within, and when a human dies (transitions), the spark of life returns to the soul.

You are a spiritual being having a physical or human experience. At the soul level, you are not physical; one could even suggest that physicality is an illusion.

Your soul (not you) has multiple experiences simultaneously in other realms or dimensions. Some of these experiences are in the physical, and others are in the ethereal realms.

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Golden Rule: Treat Others the Way You Like to be Treated.

Your soul may even have different experiences on Earth at the same time. Some refer to this as split incarnations, parallel incarnations, or soul splits, which is unlike a twin soul. In the latter case, the masculine and feminine division creates two souls with their own unique experiences.

What does all this mean? It is possible, yet not probable, to meet another expression of your soul. Perhaps this knowledge sheds some light on the Golden Rule: treat others the way you like to be treated (because you never know when you’ll meet your “self”).

[1] Destination New Earth, Marcoux, 154-155.

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