6 Tips to Stabilize in 5D Consciousness

We are currently amid a shift in consciousness, evolving from a lower egoic state to a higher, lighter state of unity consciousness based on unconditional love. We are shifting from 3D to 5D consciousness. What is 5D Consciousness? What is the difference between 3D and 4D? Here are six tips for stabilizing in 5D from Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

What is 3D Consciousness?

Third-dimensional consciousness is the state in which many experience life today. It vibrates at a frequency closer to fear (19 hertz). In 3D, we use our five senses to experience life and lead from the head. It is an egoic state of consciousness. We seek material items, social status, occupational standing, and money to bring satisfaction. We are judged by the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we live in, and what we do for a living. 3D is survival of the fittest. It is living in a duality of “good versus bad.”

In 3D consciousness, we dismiss synchronicity as coincidence and serendipity as an accident rather than miracles. We believe our thoughts and words have no power and have no interest in turning inward to explore the deeper meaning of reality. 3D is life in physicality but in separation from Source consciousness.

What is 4D Consciousness?

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Fourth-dimensional consciousness or the 4D state is a gateway or entrance to 5D consciousness. An individual uses the five senses, some psychic abilities (perhaps telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.), intuition, and dreams. We are more empathic and compassionate toward others.

In 4D, we recognize our thoughts and words have power. We understand there is a deeper meaning in signs, symbols, synchronicity, and serendipity. We seek out our purpose in life. In 4D consciousness, we treat our bodies better with exercise, diet, and practice such things as meditation. We seek to understand a deeper meaning to life and our purpose because we realize that there is more than what we “see” and perhaps even that we’ve been misled.

What is 5D Consciousness?

Fifth-dimensional consciousness is living in Unity consciousness. It vibrates at frequencies closer to unconditional love (528 hertz). It is where we recognize there is no separation between ourselves and ALL; we see ourselves in others and Source. We realize we are all One, all equal, and wealth is not measured by the dollar. Nothing needs measuring or judging.

We are even more compassionate and empathetic. Here we lead with the wisdom from the heart, not the head. In 5D, we recognize that we are creators and have unrestrained creativity. We live in unconditional love. In 5D, there is no judgment. Things aren’t judged as “good” or “bad,” as everything is an experience, and while duality will be a choice for life lessons, it will not be at the level of 3D.

In Destination New Earth, Cerian says,

The singular self (the individual) in 5D will be able to guide their will, choices, and creations more accurately and will express who and what they are naturally while in the fifth dimension.”

In 5D consciousness, we live our divine blueprint—we live authentically—we live our Truth as a sovereign being.

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5D Ascension

We shift in and out of dimensions. For those on an ascension path or here to experience the New Earth, the New Earth is ready, but most of us haven’t fully arrived. We may ascend the dimensions from the third and fourth to the fifth (3D 4D 5D) but fall back down to the third dimension because we haven’t stabilized in 5D.

6 Tips to Stabilize in 5D Consciousness

Stabilizing Your 5D Experience

In Destination New Earth, Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, shared some tips to help strengthen and stabilize in 5D. One of which was,

Experience life in a way that you don’t seek anything. Be present and let things evolve naturally without forcing it.”

Here are some suggestions to help move you into the fifth dimension and keep you there more and more.

  1. Be aware – Be available to know what is happening around you in your life. Learn safely through observation, awareness, and mindfulness. Our awareness is a catalyst to change and transform. Without awareness, we remain in the status quo. With awareness, we empower ourselves to evolve.
  2. Be present – There is only the now. Refrain from pondering events in your past or future. Eternity (timelessness) is in the moment and gained when appreciating with deep gratitude what you have now.
  3. Be non-judging – We are not here to judge the actions of others or ourselves. We are here to follow our hearts and live our Truth. Combatting judgment is part of this spiritual journey, and the tools are compassion, empathy, love, and kindness. –
  4. Be curious – Ask questions, and be curious about everything because the answers will take you places you haven’t gone before. It will also help you understand emotions better. Curiosity awakens you to know yourself and your genuine relationship with Source. There is much power in asking questions.
  5. Be open – Being open is seeing things as they are and how they could make your life exciting. The truth is fluid. It changes as we grow. If we are so stubborn to refuse to consider things, we will not evolve. One cannot open their heart unless one is willing to consider new ideas.
  6. Be playful – Exercise childlike enthusiasm, awe, and wonder when observing your world. By being playful, the burdens within diminish, and you open your mind and heart. When watching with awe and expectation, you see the magic, mystery, and miracles in everything, and life becomes joyful. You are here to experience. Why not enjoy it? [1]

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[1] Marcoux, Destination New Earth, 77-78

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  1. […] Fifth-dimensional consciousness is characterized by living in unity consciousness, vibrating at frequencies closer to unconditional love (528 hertz). In this state, individuals recognize the interconnectedness between themselves and all beings, seeing themselves in others and acknowledging the omnipresent Source (Alex Marcoux). […]
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