Are we going through a spiritual ascension or consciousness shift?

Are we experiencing a spiritual ascension, an awakening, or a consciousness shift? Many names. Do they mean the same thing? No, and it's important to know the difference.

Most agree that change is in the air; many feel we are on the brink of something radical. We are. I hear people suggest that we’re waiting for an ascension event. But what is occurring is not exactly an ascension, and while some may suggest it is semantics, there is a difference between what is occurring and ascension, and what I learned in the channelings for Gods in the Game made it worthwhile to mention.

What is Spiritual Ascension?

In ascension, the individual’s physical life seizes, and they return to the Source, while their divine Spark of Life, an aspect of the soul, returns to the soul. Their presence in the physical body seizes.

It is the awareness of our inner world—not ascension.

There is a common misconception about “the shift.” What we are currently experiencing is an evolutionary path, not an ascension. We may be moving from 3D to 5D, which is ascending but not an ascension. We are currently going through the awareness of the inward journey.

In this evolutionary shift, you are going inward, embracing and recognizing yourself as a creator of your reality and, ultimately, co-creating a collective New Earth community.

In this shift, we want to be aware of who we are—an expression of Source, a creator—and create a new way of life. A life where we live in like frequencies, like minds, recognize that we’re all expressions of Source, and create a world of love, abundance, prosperity, peace, health, and wholeness for everyone—a New Earth.

This is where humanity is heading—it is humanity’s evolution. Not everyone in our lifetime will experience this, and that’s okay—they’re not supposed to.

Akhenaten and The Law of One

In Gods in the Game, Cerian, the 16th-dimensional collective Shauna Kalicki channels, talks about Akhenaten’s work and The Law of One and the Harvest. That work encourages people to seek their ascension.

From the perspective of energy and frequency, harvesting that energy takes those individuals off-planet, out of the mix of the population. It is like the fat boils to the top and separates itself, and then you scoop that up and you can use that.

“In that context, it weakens the remaining humanity, their energetic vibrational patterning, and allows for more control over the consciousness of the beings that remain. The harvest is true.”

Cerian says that if we all sought the ascension right now, the cream of the crop would leave, which would contradict the reason we all incarnated and slow humanity’s evolution.

By seeking ascension, we hurt those remaining.

Cerian asked me to consider what would happen to the planet if the planet’s “cream of the crop,” the Lightworkers, Starseeds, 144000, Wayshowers, the New Children, or Light Team as I like to refer to them, were to experience the ascension—rather than the shift in consciousness.

An ascension removes people with higher frequencies from the planet, hurting those “left behind.” It also makes the people remaining on the planet more vulnerable and susceptible to control.

We are here to experience a collective consciousness shift.

We came to witness, participate in, and catalyze the dimensional shift of Earth and all its occupants, including the plants, animals, elements, all those interdimensional beings we are aware and unaware of, and a portion of humanity as a collective. The individual awakening and shift is not the end game. Indeed, it is a significant milestone and a massive help for humanity. Still, the goal is to achieve the planetary shift as a collective—not ascension.

The ultimate awakening is to be a Master in this world but not of it, and when we transition and leave the planet, we take that awareness with us to Source and our soul.

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