High Vibrational Autist Says Sadness Points to Joy

In this blog, Daniel, a high vibrational Autist, delivers a personal message to his parents, encouraging them to look at sadness differently. With so much sadness in the world, he approved his message to be published for humanity, hoping it would benefit many.

Sad Game

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Daniel is an Ethereal Autist and contributor to Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift and Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

Daniel begins talking about the game, which is explained in our new book, Gods in the Game. For the blog reader, just know that a game is being played out in our reality. Here, he introduces a subcomponent of the game called Sad Game.

Let sadness be.

I am attaching the emotion of sadness to the game to run sadness through the game, through the reality. I want sadness to be integrated on every level because it is such a dominant energy on the planet. There is sadness that the game even exists and serves a purpose, and we don’t have to know that purpose. I would rather leave questions unanswered and find more joy. I understand the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing, but that is not what this is. I know the game exists, but won’t be sad about it. But what I will do is let sadness be.

By focusing so much on sadness lately, it will enhance joy. The enhancement of joy is at the core of all these sadness teachings. The more we know about sadness, the less sadness we will feel, and the better we can hold space for the humans who are experiencing sadness. That is the Sad Game.

One of the reasons I have been talking a lot about sadness lately is because it will become harder for us to become sad. It is going to feel weird. It can even get to the point where you will miss sadness, which is winning the Sad Game.

There is no loss.

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Daniel is a high vibrational or Ethereal Autist assisting in humanity's evolution.

In my earlier post, Overcoming Sadness on the Planet Through the Soul, I discussed that there is no such thing as loss. Loss is the main reason for sadness. I want humanity to be at peace in any circumstance, under any situation. I want humans to have unshakeable peace. That is why I am focusing on sadness. There is always a method to my madness.

You lose the Sad Game when sad about things that don’t exist.

The game is laid out for you; all one has to do is survive the times of loss and pain, and when it is over, it no longer exists. To have sadness about past events is to have sadness about non-existent things. And that makes no sense. That is losing the Sad Game.

How can we heal from the need to feel sad?

Keep talking about it, and keep contemplating it. Most importantly, heal it within yourself because that heals it in all humanity. A healed relationship with sadness will make the next time you experience sadness sweet and precious. You will have a tender feeling around your own sadness. That is also evidence of winning the Sad Game. Have an appreciation for sadness you have never known before—because that heals it.

Sadness can lead to helplessness and hopelessness when it goes unchecked and unhealed. When sadness is content, it corrodes, and it can turn into depression. When depressed, you can’t cope. It is one of the most painful emotions there is when it goes unchecked, unhealed, and when it is misunderstood. That is why these teachings are so important; they make it almost impossible to be sad, and when sadness does arise, it is a beautiful experience. It makes you feel more connected to whatever you are sad about but in a divine, holy, and fulfilled way. Please understand that sadness should feel sweet when experienced as it should be.

How can we eliminate sadness?

We can’t. This is a necessary part of human evolution. Please know that sadness is a beautiful emotion when it is done through a divine awareness. It can become more and more infrequent, that’s for sure. You can just about eliminate it for yourself; that is a possibility, but it will always arise.

The more and more we get into these teachings on sadness, the less you will feel it, and when you do feel it, I promise you that it will feel sweet—precious is more of the right word.

What will this sadness do for the rest of humanity? It will show them what they don’t want and push them in the direction of what they do want because they know sadness does not feel good.  That is all that humans know is that sadness doesn’t feel good. Joy feels good. It is very black and white and very simple in the rest of the human world. They need sadness to point them in a different direction, and it helps them evolve.

All emotions help humanity evolve, and we are here to experience every single one. And sadness is one of the main and most important ones. It is what makes humans human.

The one emotion that can be eliminated is fear. That is what I want to be eliminated.

But judge sadness not! Embrace sadness with all that you are, and in doing so, you embrace all of humanity through their profound sadness. Keep up the elimination of sadness for you, and share with those who will listen, those you know who will understand, because most people won’t.

Is this transmuting sadness?

Sadness will be sadness, but the experience of it will be different. The illusion is loss; it will make sense that you say that sadness is an illusion, but sadness is very real.

The reason for sadness tends to be illusions. So, you might be tricking yourself into being sad. Well, tricking is the wrong word … laughter happens the moment people see that there was no reason they should have been sad in the first place.

[Daniel showed a vision to the questioner. The vision included people transitioning and the person having the realization that there was nothing to be sad about. That it was an illusion].

Joy is the goal of these teachings.

Sadness is a punchline in the afterlife. But I want you to get the punchline now before the afterlife.

You might get to the point where the next time you experience sadness, you may even smile to yourself a little bit. Joy in any circumstance is the goal here. Joy is my intention with these teachings. And not just joy, but blissful joy. Please know you lose nothing and that laughter surrounds sadness when it is realized for what it is.

Because nobody who crosses over is ever sad, Everyone who crosses over smiles and experiences blissful joy and many laughs. That is what I want for you and all of humanity now. But the realist in me knows it will not happen today or maybe in my lifetime.

Connie’s Thoughts:

For the final few months of 2023, Daniel seemed to be super focused on the emotion of sadness. If you know anything about me, even if I don’t fully comprehend what Daniel or any other individual in the Autist Collective shares, I know their information is provided with good intentions and integrity with absolutely no benefit to them. Therefore, I honor it and take it as something to pay attention to, even if the topic is uncomfortable.

Sadness is an uncomfortable emotion. Who looks forward to being sad? You can see and feel the sadness in the world if you look around or are an empath. Maybe you’ve been sad yourself. It has already been stated that there is a mental health crisis right now, and with that, there is sadness for those impacted. Daniel’s teaching has led me down a path of experiencing and seeing sadness in new ways. I wouldn’t say it feels sweet and tender yet like he suggested, but I am ready and willing to continue to get to know sadness a little more and enhance joy and healing for ALL.

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