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If you have been following Daniel’s corner, you may be used to Daniel leading the discussion, followed by me adding my two cents. However, this one will be a little different because it is important to ease you into the story before reading what Daniel would like to share.

Connie: It’s time to tell the world

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In a recent podcast interview about Destination New Earth, I unintentionally mentioned a story about the creation of a sacred oil. It was a slip of the tongue. I genuinely did not want to appear (and still don’t) as if I was trying to promote anything. I wanted to share the story about how we realized in 2013 that Daniel had his extraordinary gifts, but as I started, I realized I couldn’t share that story without telling the story of MAWAB.

An Ascension Oil

My husband created MAWAB, a sacred oil. In 2011, otherworldly beings guided him on what ingredients to put into the oil and the ceremonies needed to activate it. These beings told my husband that the oil was to assist with the ascension of humanity. Neither my husband nor I had ever heard of the word ascension until then.

Our home was buzzing with energy that year, and it seemed like we had stepped into another dimension. After the oil was created and sent to the first recipients to share their experiences, we knew we had something truly amazing, although we had no idea what the next step would or should be.

We gifted the oil to many individuals before we received direction to offer it online in 2014 for others wanting to experience it. The website that sells MAWAB does not mention Daniel’s involvement in the oil creation process. Why? The story of MAWAB’s creation is already a little “out there,” and we had just learned about Daniel’s involvement in the oil’s creation and hadn’t fully wrapped our heads around it.

We suspected readers of the MAWAB story wouldn’t take us seriously if we mentioned that my autistic son masterminded the whole thing. We didn’t quite understand the scope of Daniel’s involvement based on the information he revealed, so we omitted this information. Only those close to us in the Autists groups or close friends know of Daniel’s involvement in the oil’s creation. It is now time to share with the world.

Daniel was the key alchemist in the sacred oil creation.

[Daniel wrote the following transmission through facilitated communication in 2016.]

My name is Daniel, and I am Autistic and nonverbal. Some consider me on the severe side of the spectrum. My outward appearance and ways of being disguise my genius.

In February 2011, my beloved parents received the shock of their lives when my dad was guided to create the MAWAB oil to assist humanity with ascension. For several weeks, my dad was taken into different realms and met up with different beings who either provided him with specific instructions on creating the oil or simply wanted him to know that they would be offering their loving support during the creation process.

MAWAB stands for Make a Wish and Believe. This is the name my dad chose for the oil. However, this is not the original name nor the first time this oil has been created on this planet. This fact was not known to my father as he carried out the sacred instructions to create the oil, nor was my involvement in this process known to either of my parents until three years later.

I purposely selected the 3rd year anniversary of the creation of the oil to spill the beans. How did I do this if I cannot talk, you ask? I communicate via facilitated communication (FC) or, my favorite, telepathy, which is the original way of communication besides tones and sound frequencies. Before I go into that further, I feel it is very important to note that my mother was informed by a gifted psychic in 2011 that I was behind the creation of the oil. However, my mother did not believe this psychic because she did not understand how that could be possible.

There are a lot of gifts that my fellow autistic brothers and sisters have that will blow the socks off humanity. Soon those gifts will be experienced by many, and we cannot wait! We have come to ignite love in your hearts and bring peace to the planet.

I could certainly understand my mom’s confusion in understanding my involvement, just like I can understand your confusion at how someone like me could disguise himself amongst all the other beings that were providing my dad with the instructions and steps he would have to take to create the oil. Why did I disguise myself? Well, because just like my mother, my dad was not ready to learn of my gifts. It was not important to me at that time for them to know that I was the key alchemist in the oil’s creation. What was important was that my dad was open and willing to create this oil as instructed for humanity with an open mind and heart.

I now invite you to experience this oil as so many others have. The beautiful thing about this oil is that every hand that touches it makes it grow stronger. Yes, this oil is ever flowing; it is not structured or permanent. It is an ever-flowing creation wave that is yours to enjoy. It is not the ingredients in the oil that give it power but the alchemy in it. It will help you bring your physical hearth rhythm in balance with your spiritual essence and nature. This story is still unfolding, and it is quite an epic story.

"The Pure Autist calibration of their energy and mind into physicality is like putting a jet engine on a go-cart."

Daniel: It is time to talk about MAWAB more

I was asked if I wanted to add or expand on the information I shared with mom on the MAWAB oil during our facilitated communication session in 2016.

I want to share that we Autists inspire thoughts. We, Autists, are grand creators, and we often co-create with our families. There are no words to convey inspired creations. It is a happening. It is activity. It is movement—the movement of inspiration. By trusting your thoughts, you trust your child. With the creation of MAWAB, I helped to inspire the thought behind it to get dad to create it without him initially knowing that it was me. The oil is an example of what we Autists are capable of. The oil itself is inspiration, it is thought, it is movement, it is active connection.

The oil can show one what is possible. The oil was started with inspiration. The energy of inspiration sparks creativity. For my family, it was the MAWAB oil. For others, it will be something different. Everyone who has the MAWAB oil is connected, and it is a loving connection. I still inspire thoughts for my parents and people in the collective.

Many Autists are responsible for key scientists and other professionals receiving ideas they have no clue are coming from us. Please think of us (Autists) as muses, pure creativity. The core of the MAWAB oil is love-inspired. The oil is powerfully created. It opens doors, heals, loves, nurtures, and mirrors its creators and all the beings that helped create the oil because there were a lot of us.

It is time to talk about MAWAB oil more. The more people that have it, the more divine it becomes.

I feel lucky that I’m acknowledged, and my parents are aware of my involvement in the oil’s creation. Many Autists parents/caretakers are unaware of the miraculous things their beloveds have created or inspired. This is not to bash them for not being aware, as it is understandable, but to shed light so that more awareness can occur very soon. It is easier to see and experience the magic when one is aware.

Connie’s final thoughts:

We encourage you to visit the link below to read the story of the oil’s creation, as this blog only is the tip of the iceberg. As Daniel said, the story is still unfolding and quite the epic tale! The intention behind this post is to share the amazing gifts that the Autist collective has and not a selling point for the oil.

Read the Miracle of MAWAB

Light Language MAWAB Chant: Diamond Sun

Daniel provided a Light Language chant which is performed by Connie. The title of the MAWAB Chant is Fudopewibea, pronounced Fuh Dew Pay Why Bee Ah. Daniel says, "It means "Diamond Sun."

Listen to the recording here.

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  1. I have used MAWAB since 2015 in my daily meditation practice. It makes so much sense to read that Daniel can inspire the thoughts of MAWAB users. That makes Daniel my muse. Thank you, Daniel. <3
  2. Shauna
    The MAWAB oil is a blessing to humanity and to the individual working with it. What a treat !!!
  3. Lezlie
    Thank you for sharing, I will purchase some oil.

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