Healing Ancestral Trauma

In this post, Daniel, an Ethereal Autistic, shares that we can heal ancestral trauma through our galactic DNA and RNA, as humans have alien genetics.

Daniel's Thoughts: Galactic DNA and RNA and Genetics

People don’t know how genetic trauma works or that it can be healed. Many Autists feel the trauma of their ancestors. DNA and RNA are galactic in nature. It is galactic technology. This is why some aspects of humans are Sirian, Arcturian, Pleiadian, etc.

Genetics are very complicated. The genetic codes have been manipulated by light and dark forces. We are made up from our ancestors’ fears, trauma, loss, hope, and gain. We hold a lot of ancestral pain; it is there and serving a function.

DNA is important and should be acknowledged. It is one of the most ignored aspects of human existence. People go about their days, years, and lives without really thinking about where they come from and who the people were before them.

Go deep with this and bless your DNA and RNA. Visualize the DNA healing. Call forward your own DNA to see what it looks like. Bring focus to your DNA.

When you look at yourself in the mirror or at another person, know that you are not just looking at one person. You are looking at an entire lineage. You don’t know how affected they are by that lineage, and that person (including yourself) may not know how affected they are by their own lineage. Whenever you see someone insane, know they are from a long line of people acting insane.

Being aware of genetic lineages helps us to heal our own and others.

What is done is done. DNA cannot be manipulated any further. There have been many manipulations to human DNA that would shock the average person. However, something has occurred, and DNA can no longer be manipulated.

How and why did DNA manipulation stop?

Daniel: I’m sorry, but this is all I can reveal now. Please know and trust that the DNA manipulations have ceased. There is much to rejoice in that regard.

What is the outcome of DNA not being manipulated anymore?

Daniel: All lineages have a certain amount of pain and trauma. The outcome will be that there will be peace to the pain.

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Is there anything else you’d like to add on this topic?

Autists are affected by their family’s lineages. It is not just about their parents. Know that most genetic information is a mystery. Parents should connect to their parents. If the parent(s) is no longer living, take a photo to connect to them or see them in your mind. Please note what feelings come up when you look at their photo or visualize them. Please note what feelings come up when you are talking to them. This will help us (Autists) immensely.

Healing Ancestral Trauma by loving your ancestors.

Love your family lineage. Family trauma can be healed by loving the lineage. If you can’t love the lineage, love yourself for surviving it and bringing children into the world that can heal the family lineage.

Siblings have a powerful bond. There are lots of reasons that they fight. It is not just simple sibling rivalry; it is stuff that comes up from the lineage and comes out in their fights.  The fight goes back to genetics, ancestry, and lineage. It is almost like they are under mind control. People can stay under the spell of genetics their entire life. Knowing this is happening is important, and awareness is the key. The goal would be to hold genetics sacred and lovingly in the body. That will set you free. The freer you are, the freer we are (the Autists). We can be free from genetic trauma.

Connie’s Thoughts: Some things are better left unsaid.

I am certainly guilty of ignoring aspects of DNA and ancestry. The only time I paid attention to DNA was when I watched crime shows in which DNA identified the culprit or the numerous shows that used DNA to confirm paternity. Other than that, I was not interested in DNA or ancestry. I love how Daniel challenges me in such a loving way to explore subjects that I often shy away from due to either fear or lack of interest.

DNA Manipulation

I am aware of DNA manipulation as this was a subject that Daniel has shared with me in the past, around the time that the tests, where you can learn your ancestry, became very popular with humanity. Long story short, Daniel stressed that no one should send their genetic samples to any unknown entity for testing. The illusion is that the sample is used to identify your origins; however, there is another agenda for obtaining these samples, which is far more sinister.

I will not get into too much detail because with specific knowledge comes responsibility. Knowing something doesn’t mean you share it all the time. Withholding this is for your protection. Ignorance is indeed bliss in this regard. Because I’m aware of the global team Daniel works with and the secure nature of what they do, I was not surprised that he flat-out refused to provide any additional information about how and why the DNA manipulation stopped. I’m just happy that it did. Like my grandma used to say, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

There are a lot of topics that Daniel is very tight-lipped about for security reasons. I want to end my thoughts by extending my sincerest love and appreciation for all the individuals, Autists and Non-Autists, that risk their lives and sanity when removing the spiritual chains that keep us shackled in our minds, hearts, and souls.

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