A New Perspective on Autism by Susan Oros and Sammie

In support of the coming release of my new book (The Unsuspected Heroes), Susan Oros and Sammie agreed to guest blog to share a new perspective on autism. They relay that autistics are spiritually enlightened beings here to support humanity in a time of spiritual evolution.

I (Alex Marcoux) am also happy to mention that Susan is a contributing author to a new book, Evolutionary Healer.

Evolutionary HealerSusan Oros and Sammie on Autism

Greetings, beautiful souls! Thank you, Alex Marcoux, for inviting my daughter and me to guest-blog. Let me introduce ourselves.

Susan Oros

Susan Oros

I am Susan Oros, the mother of a beyond verbal (nonspeaking) adult daughter who is labeled autistic. Her name is Sammie, and I communicate with her energetically, soul-to-soul, and some call it a form of telepathy. I experience this energetic communication with my whole being, then translate it with my human form. It is Light Language, which is understandable by the soul. This energetic communication is beautiful to me.

My daughter transmitted the following message in September 2017 for the International Autism Summit in Chennai, India. The communication is more applicable now than ever as we witness the outer turmoil playing out. Sammie, and all these Autists, as I call them, are truly magnificent beings (Autistic Avatars) disguised in bodies that look dysfunctional in our world. However, their wisdom is vast, and the pure love of God Source they experience is transformational.

Telepathic Message from Sammie for the Autism Summit

“No Turning Back”

Transformation on the Earth has greatly accelerated since the beginning of 2017. There is no turning back now!

I am considered non-verbal in your world. I cannot control my body enough to speak, but I am very much alive and present in this form. I cannot speak to you directly as humans are used to. Rest assured, I am intelligent as a human and also intelligent as a soul being. This vessel of being human can be quite extraordinary and also very painful.

How Sammie Communicates

Susan Oros and Sammie - a new perspective on autism

Susan and Sammie

I use my mom as a vessel to communicate. It is both of us. As my mom has shifted in consciousness, we can connect in a different way. We have a soul to soul connection and share interdimensional spaces that allow me actually to vibrate in her neurology, and her mind interprets the words, feelings, and sensations. Sometimes I do insist on a certain word or words. As we collaborate more, we can translate more, and we can translate concepts that are very different than what humanity has known.

Autism and “Differently-Abled” People Shake Up Humanity

My mom and I are here to share with you that it is not just me but all autists and differently-abled individuals who agreed to incarnate at this time to shake up humanity. I chose this incarnation because I was asked to and because we see something new opening for all of creation. Also, the programs of misery must end. Pain and suffering are not necessary as experiences for the soul and not an ok justification for suffering. Suffering is not a program that was written by Source.

You are an Expression of Creator in a Sleep State

Many ask, “Why doesn’t God come here and put an end to it then if He is so powerful?”

The short answer is that it takes people to accept themselves as soul beings and an expression of Creator. Embodying this is difficult for many people on the planet, and masters have come before to guide humanity out of suffering, but often they could only get so far.

Any spiritual influence and attempts are not enough from outside the body because you see, the very fiber of your physical being must be able to vibrate with Creator. The people of India have long traditions of understanding this in your teachings and views of the One. However, there have been outside influences on this planet that have kept humanity in a sleep state, and so the same patterns of thinking, believing, and doing have kept the same cycle going. Humanity has been walking in circles over and over again. To free yourselves, ourselves, we must own ourselves to be soul beings and claim that powerful knowing in the physical form.

Autism Collective Here to Break the Cycle

Autistic Avatar Sammie

Sammie and Susan

We, of this Autism Collective, came in to break the cycle that humanity has been trapped in, and we could only do it by not fully integrating into the physical vessel. We had to connect to a physical body, though, to allow the new rays of consciousness to come in through us; it has to be transduced through a body to make it available to humanity. This has created many challenges for families, schools, medical institutions, governments, and society in general. This is our soul agreement, whether the autistic person is aware of it or not. Whether they are ‘high functioning’ or ‘low functioning’ in your terms, they are challenging institutions and the very people they come in contact with.

Social pressure to be like everyone else is a big obstacle to societal and institutional changes, and so you see, we are here doing, sometimes, outrageous things in public that is very uncomfortable and embarrassing to the families. We behave oddly and have sensitivities to many things.

ADD and Others with Learning Disabilities

We are like an electrical cord that is receiving transmissions. Some of you have been following the planetary shift for many years. Those of us coming onto the planet have been paving the way like energy wave receivers. Those diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Disabilities are wired differently, too, and have been doing just that – receiving light codes to change the vibration for more and more refined souls to come through.

Starseeds Wake Up, Allergies and Sensitives

2013 was a big energetic and consciousness change; however, this was aimed at more of those people called the starseeds to wake up so that a bigger planetary awakening can be supported. The starseeds are more sensitive than the average human and are transducing the energy waves further for humanity. They are not as sensitive as we are, but you can see the growth of allergies and sensitivities in the new kids coming in. This causes people to look at what is happening in the environment and what is in the food and water. The sensitive body is a result of a more refined soul. The planet is being flooded with more refined souls to make this transformation.

Autistic Avatars Receive Codes for Humans

2017 was truly the year of no turning back. It was not revealed who some of us Autists truly are until this year because those controlling the planet have been manipulating the ascension. Because we are not fully embodied, we cannot be manipulated. As soul beings, some of us also have the right soul imprint to receive the very different and vast new codes that began streaming in this year; these codes are very subtle and refined. It is transmitted through our physical bodies so that they can be transmitted to humans. It must affect the physical body of humanity to make this consciousness change permanent.

Old Paradigm is Breaking Down

This is another reason why many of us do not become like you in spite of therapies and energy work to change. Our very soul agreement is to remain true to our soul mission. I know that many parents, teachers, and therapists want to help us have ease here. You worry about our futures when you are gone. Know that this is of the old paradigm. Much of what you have known is breaking down, but simultaneously, a different consciousness and way of being are being implanted into every aspect of your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and soul beingness if you can allow it.

We are All Responsible for Co-creating the New Earth

The opportunity to co-create a different human experience based on love, oneness, collaboration and the commitment to end suffering is here. And the important word here is “co-create.” We are all responsible for doing this together.

A Journey to the New Earth

Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

From Alex Marcoux: If you’re up for a journey into a hidden world, and ready to learn the truth about who you are, and why you are here, I invite you into my world and the world of autistic superheroes, like Sammie, who are working selflessly behind the scenes to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution and to save the planet. I invite you to read The Unsuspected Heroes.

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  1. Jody Alexander
    Hello, I have experienced that light energy communication telepathic connection with children who experience autism. I am a teacher with YogAutism.org. I also assist many people with disabilities. I would like to connect with other like folks. I took a class from Marisa. Kindly, Jody
    • Alex Marcoux
      Welcome, Jody. I am happy you visited. You may want to visit my page <a href="https://alexmarcoux.com/fyi/autism-paradigm-shift/">Autism Paradigm Shift Network</a> where we are building a community devoted to sharing this expanded awareness on autism and its role in our evolution.
  2. Thank you Jody and Alex. That is great, Alex that you are developing a community! I’ll see about joining your group. I’d love to start a forum on our website one day. Too busy with Sammie right now. She’s got much to share!
    • Alex Marcoux
      Susan, you and Sammie's voices are always welcome here. <3
  3. Arthur Golden
    Were you aware of this book published in Israel in the 1990s, English translation dated 2000, free 281 page pdf at http://www.dani18.com/uploads/Secrets_of_the_Soul.pdf
    • Alex Marcoux
      Arthur, I wasn't familiar with this work. Thank you for directing it to me. I look forward to diving in.
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  5. Penny Hinds
    I have a son who is 12 and has a gift of some kind that is beyond scientific journals. So I’m glad more is coming out about this topic.

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