Vaccines and Autism Spiritual Gifts

What is the link between childhood vaccines and autism? And what does it have to do with autism spiritual gifts? This new information is in our soon-to-be-released book, a collaborative effort between myself and three others, including an Autist.

Destination New Earth

One of the most misunderstood phenomena of all time is autism. Since Lemuria, there has been a phenomenon of Pure Autism. In our book, Destination New Earth, we have an entire section devoted to Pure Autism, who the Autists were, who they are today and their roles in humanity’s ascension to the fifth dimension.

Humanity is going through an evolutionary shift, an awakening that will move the person from an egoic state of duality consciousness to more unity and heart-based consciousness (5D consciousness). This article focuses on Pure Autism and shares the difference between Pure Autism and what I call medically induced autism.

Who are the Pure Autists?

The Pure Autists (aka Autists) are a unique species and have been on Earth throughout humanity’s evolution. They have their own evolutionary path, and humankind has its path.

To better understand how different the Autists are, we need to consider the subtle bodies. The human body has overlapping energy patterns within auric layers. The physical body is a condensed form of energy that we perceive as density. Still, multiple levels of consciousness extend beyond the physical body that we often think about as the aura. In other words, there is much more to humanity than our physical form.

The Pure Autists are not as embodied in their physical bodies as humanity. Many Autists, particularly those nonspeaking, lightly connect to their physicality, and most of their essence remains in the ethers, in other dimensions, which manifests in various ways, like communication disabilities. Nevertheless, they are far from disabled and have expanded consciousness. They serve in various capacities related to humanity’s shift in consciousness, including holding the New Earth hologram.

"The Pure Autist calibration of their energy and mind into physicality is like putting a jet engine on a go-cart."

"The Pure Autist calibration of their energy and mind into physicality is like putting a jet engine on a go-cart."

From Lemuria to Today

Initially, the Pure Autists, in Lemuria, were in ethereal form (not physical). Then, throughout time, they evolved, becoming more physical. One may think they devolved, but the intention was to become more physical, so this was an evolution. Over time these Autists were perceived as “not normal” because they are different and experience life very differently than we do. Humankind, wanting to explain their oddities, characterized them throughout the centuries as simple-minded, stupid, uncoordinated, schizophrenic, retarded, diseased, autistic, and more.

A New Autism Spectrum Design for the New Earth

Today, there is a spectrum within Pure Autism, though it is different from the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that people are familiar with. The spectrum includes the Ethereal Autists, Bridge Autists, and Catalytic Autists, and we discuss this in Destination New Earth.

The Ethereal Autists are those Pure Autists who work in the ethers with energies in other dimensions. They permit humanity to use the new energy coming to the planet to awaken. They serve humankind in the planetary shift in many different ways. The medical community mistakenly considers these Autists to be low-functioning autistics when they are intellectually superior. Daniel, a contributor to Destination New Earth, is an Ethereal Autist.

Catalytic Autists work with specific energies that are creative catalysts to shift consciousness that benefit humanity in ways not necessarily understood. This type of Pure Autist may or may not be aware of their work. Society often refers to many of them as having Asperger’s.

The Bridge Autists are Pure Autists who are a little more embodied than the Ethereal Autists and serve as a bridge between humanity and the higher realms where the Ethereal Autists work.

What is the link between autism and vaccines?

There is a belief among some people that childhood vaccines cause autism. This is not entirely accurate. Most vaccinations start with good intentions. However, the unfortunate downside of any immunization is the side effects.

Daniel shared that childhood vaccines can trigger Pure Autism. He also said,

“No matter what, Autism (Pure Autism) was supposed to happen. There are no accidents.”

Vaccines can trigger Pure Autism. If someone embodies and has a soul contract to be a Pure Autist, it is their destiny, and it will happen.

Vaccines can also trigger side effects in some children and mimic the characteristics of Pure Autists. Consequently, many children manifesting the Pure Autists’ characteristics were diagnosed with autism, but they are not Pure Autists. In other words, childhood vaccinations have indeed harmed some children.

The following is from Destination New Earth:

I call those harmed by the immunizations medically-induced autistics. These children (many now adults) are genuinely disabled. They have had their neural networks scrambled and genetic DNA structures changed. For those autistics whose neural network was manipulated through vaccinations, their cells and brain impacted their blood, triggering changes in their DNA.

The medically-induced autistics contribute to the unprecedented increase in autism, going from one in five thousand (1980) to 1 in fifty-four (2016). This phenomenon is partly responsible for the rise in the autism rate. The other side to this is that more Pure Autists are needed, more than ever, to do their work for the planetary ascension. And Daniel says that more Pure Autists are coming in. [1]

channelling books

Pure Autism is not a mistake, a disease, or a disorder. It is a gift to humanity and a species by itself and not understood. The Autists experience life on our planet entirely differently than we do. Just as we cannot relate to how they experience life in the multiple dimensions they access, they cannot easily relate to how we experience life in physicality.

Get your copy of Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness and learn more about Pure Autism and its role in humanity’s ascension and shift in consciousness.

[1] Marcoux, “Destination New Earth,” 86-87.

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