Daniel’s Corner: A Message to Parents of Autistics

With it being Autism Awareness Month, Daniel, a nonverbal autistic brings an important message to parents, caretakers, and guardians of autists.  His message puts autism awareness and acceptance in a new light.

From Alex: A New Way to Celebrate Autism Awareness

Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness brings clarity, light, and awareness to perhaps one of the greatest misunderstandings of all times—autism. It’s April 1, the dawn of 2022 Autism Awareness Month, and Daniel wanted to share his first blog.

Daniel will be blogging from time to time here on Daniel’s Corner. If you have questions about the material in Destination New Earth and would like insight, message me, and I will see if Daniel can answer them in future blogs. Post your comments below to share your love with Daniel and for what these “unsuspected heroes” are doing for humanity.

From Daniel: A Nonspeaking Man with Autism

Mom asked me what I wanted my very first blog to be about for Daniel’s Corner.  I would like my first message on the blog to be for the parents, caretakers, and guardians of Autists. It is important that you know that you are not at a lower vibration than your children. Your vibration is as high as your children’s, no matter what. You don’t have to raise your vibration; it is already there. Don’t beat yourselves up trying to achieve a higher vibration because you are at the same level as your children. You just don’t know it.

People viewing this website or reading Destination New Earth or other material out there by us wonderful Autists are going to start questioning themselves. It is needed questioning. A lot will not feel like they are on the same level as their children, but on a fundamental level, they are. They are just holding a different space but the SAME high frequency. People like mom and others are ground crew. Other Autists have boots on the ground in the higher dimensional realms, but please know that we are on the same frequency!!!

As parents read Destination New Earth and go through the website, it is not necessarily that the book is going to raise their frequency. Although it will feel as if it is raising their frequency, what it is really doing is lining up or “reminding” you of your frequencies. It is making the radio station clear. It turns the nob in just a way to come in without as much static.

non verbal autistic

Destination New Earth makes the radio station clear. It turns the nob in just a way to come in without as much static.

From Connie: The Mother of a Nonverbal Autistic

When I asked Daniel what he wanted to write for his first blog, I was shocked that this was his message as I thought he may have wanted to chat about planetary updates, the shift in consciousness, or maybe provide more clarification about a particular chapter of the book. As the information began to flow, I soon became very appreciative of this short but sweet message.

I remembered years ago when I learned of Daniel’s gifts and some of his other Autist buddies. I felt beneath them like I was lower vibrational than them because I did not have these gifts. I was not extremely keen on telepathy, couldn’t bi-locate, astral travel, I was not telekinetic, etc. Heck, it is even hard for me to focus on meditating with my monkey brain, so how am I at their vibration level?

I loved how Daniel broke this information down, and I believe that even if it is not understood or even believed by some, it is an important message.

channelling books

Pick up your copy of Destination New Earth from your favorite bookseller or buy it now on Amazon.

Autism Awareness is now Autism Acceptance

Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

2021 International Book Awards Finalist &
2021 American Book Fest “Best Books” Finalist in Visionary Fiction

According to the ASAN, “Autism Acceptance Month was created by and for the autistic community to change the conversation around autism, shifting it away from stigmatizing “autism awareness” language that presents autism as a threat to be countered with vigilance.”

To truly look at Autism in a different light, consider reading The Unsuspected Heroes: A Visionary Fiction Novel.

  • World Autism Awareness Day, April 2
  • Autism Awareness Month April 1- April 30

2 Responses

  1. Daniel, I am so honored to have your voice on our blog.
  2. Lezlie
    Thank you so much for this message Daniel. I am so grateful this information is finding me. I am the mother to a non-verbal autist who is only 3 years old but such a bright light already.

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