Hiding feelings from your empathic autistic child

Most autistics are empathic. Parents are encouraged not to hide their feelings about the pain that autism brings to the parent and family, as it hurts both parent and child.

Daniel says, “Let’s be honest.”

Parents or caretakers of Autists should know that autism hurts and can be painful to some of us. Parents/caretakers should align to this pain by writing down how autism hurts them. They must formally acknowledge that pain.

Acknowledging this truth communicates to an Autist that they are not alone. Autism is causing a lot of pain, trauma, and hurt, not the child or individual themself. Let’s be clear about that. Everything that parents/caretakers will write down that is hurting them is because of Autism, not because of their child specifically. Believe it or not, writing down your true feelings and emotions on how Autism can hurt at times will help us, Autists, not feel like such a burden. We will feel seen as ourselves and not as chaotic and aggressive individuals.

Are you ready to acknowledge your pain?

Are you ready to acknowledge the pain that autism has caused you? Parents/caretakers like to pretend that everything is okay, and we Autists can literally feel everything. You can’t hide from us … we don’t want you to hide from us. The more you pretend everything is okay, the more isolated we feel; at times, we may act out more. If you choose to go about this task, it will be hard to write and read. It is human nature to avoid pain.

Denying your hurt closes the door to enlightenment.

When parents go into groups or other settings that don’t allow them to have or share these experiences, that closes the door to enlightenment. Align to the truth, align to the pain, do not deny it, and pretend everything is okay. Parents must be honest, even if it is uncomfortable. Parents not being honest with themselves causes us to be out of alignment.

non verbal autistic

Daniel is a contributor of Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness

Please permit yourselves to feel the way you feel.

It is okay to feel this way. Don’t feel guilty about the truth in your words. Give yourself permission to be devastated, angry, etc. After you have written down your true feelings, permit yourself to feel whatever you wrote. Trust us, we won’t be mad or upset, nor will our feelings be hurt. Be honest.

We love you!

Connie says, “Our minds betray our mouths.”

In my mind, Daniel’s writing is once again controversial. When I first learned that Daniel wanted to create these blogs, I was under the impression or assumption that they would be “fun,” like maybe he would talk about the different dimensions or the places he travels, his connection with the other Autists, or even the New Earth.

Parents work on themselves to better understand their autistic children.

If you have been following Daniel’s Corner, you may notice a trend. The trend involves parents and caretakers of autistics working on ourselves, so we can better understand our kids (the Autists). The blogs encourage parents to step up to the plate and be brave and bold.

In this blog, Daniel simply states that we must be honest with ourselves and reveal our genuine emotions and true feelings. He asks us to be honest. If you express these things, you won’t sound like a “bad” parent. Nor should this be an exercise to express a pity party or having a victim mentality. We need to move the energy of truth with our sincerest emotions.

Autistics are empathic.

In a recent podcast interview on Pharaoh Radio, Daniel was asked what the Autist Collective was doing for the planet and how we could assist. His primary response regarding how we could help was that light needed to be shined on human pain, suffering, and blindness. He revealed that sometimes Autists get overcome by darkness and have to will themselves out of it. Some get overcome and surrounded by human darkness and get lost, which feels like a battle because humans hide a lot. They hide their fears, pain, and suffering; however, Autists can feel it all as most are empaths.

Hiding your feelings harms the Autists (they are empaths).

In a book written by a nonspeaking Autist, I once read that humans are confusing to Autists because our mouths say one thing, but our minds say something different. (Remember, most Autists are telepathic). I never realized until now the importance of that statement. I never realized that us trying to be politically correct in not revealing our true feelings harms the Autists. We become empowered when we write these feelings down, and so do our children.

I know that my son is a key player in healing the planet and assisting with ascension; however, that does not mean that I do not get upset at times about the things that his autism causes him to do when the energies are too intense, such as bang holes in the walls, scream, and so on. Our genuine emotions have to be revealed. One of the reasons some folks are in therapy is because they have held emotions or true feelings inside for the longest time. It just makes sense to me that the Autists are encouraging us to express (in writing) our true emotions or how we feel about how Autism has impacted us.

Shine your light on your true emotions.

 Who are Daniel and Connie?

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Connie and Daniel are contributors to Destination New Earth. This mother-son team regularly adds their voice to the “Bringing Together the Tribe” blog and communicates on challenges associated with high vibrational autism or Pure Autism.

Learn about Pure Autism and its role in the planetary shift in consciousness in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

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  1. Such an important message for today. Thank you for contributing to Bringing Together the Tribe blog.

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