High Vibrational Autistics Live in the Now

Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, shares the importance of meditation and that many autistics live in the now, the moment, where past, present, and future exist simultaneously.

Keep in mind that everything is an illusion. What permits us to experience the third dimension and physicality is time. Without time, there is only now, the moment. That is where everything exists simultaneously. This is where many Autists live and operate.

In this post, Daniel invites parents of autistics to meet their children in the now. At the same time, Connie, Daniel’s mother, shares that many parents will be awakening to the truth about their high vibrational autistic children.

Daniel on Meditation and the Now

This message is old-school teaching I’d like to share. I want to talk about meditation and how anything can be considered meditation. You don’t necessarily have to sit down and be tied down to one spot; you can do the dishes, wash your car, or even take a walk. This is meditative. Any movement can be meditative. Meditation puts you in the present moment. It is now...now...now.

“Now” is not just now. The present moment is ALL moments wrapped into one moment. The future, the past, and the present exist all at once.

Daniel ethereal autistic

Daniel communicates through facilitated communication, telepathy, and a psychic medium.

Everything exists at once

All moments exist in this moment. All of existence is within you and all around you and is here with us at all times. This is where a large majority of the Autists exist, and this is where we operate from. That is what we are aware of all the time. We experience all of existence in every moment, and if the parents (of autistics) can start to meet us there, that is when shifts can start to happen, that is where paradigms can start changing. But that takes meditative thought. That takes practice. It takes doing it and awareness of it.

Bring that into your awareness while washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc. It will make the one doing that more powerful with every moment that they are in that space mentally. We got to start meeting each other in the all-space, the whole-space, that is where we can meet.

Connie: “Nothing you do with effort is a failure.”

This message came in literally a day after having a discussion with my sister-in-law and husband via our weekly conference calls. We discussed meditation and how my racing thoughts often get in the way of successfully meditating. I shared with them that I felt like a failure regarding meditation because I’m not like my husband. He can go into meditation, visit different realms, and even have conversations with different beings in those worlds. Nor am I like my sister-in-law, who can meditate for hours and receive numerous visions and downloads while in meditation. I feel Daniel’s message was his response to our conversation and reminded me that nothing you do with effort should be considered a failure.

It also shed light on different ways I have been meditating without even really knowing it and how I can incorporate other meditation methods. I love how Daniel says any movement can be meditative because it reminds me of when I used to work out and how I would oddly receive downloads or visions while working out without even trying.

I’d like to include that even mindfulness is meditative. If you have a brain that goes all over the place like mine, you can even sit with good thoughts in silence. Imagine something that you’d like to see or experience. Do not compare yourselves to others.

Awakening to Your High Vibrational Autistic Child

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I often hear a lot of parents of autistics (Including myself) feeling guilty because their telepathy is not as good as another parent. Or they are not able to meditate, don’t know how to meditate, or don’t know how to do facilitated communication (FC). Or even that they are not as spiritually gifted as their children and feel awkward about their high-vibrational child.

Our main role as a parent or caretaker of an Autist is to support them so they can continue to do their planetary work.  We help them by knowing and acknowledging their gifts and contributions. You don’t have to know or understand everything they are doing necessarily. I don’t even fully understand Daniel’s full ins and outs as a Grid Master, yet I’m like, “you go, boy, do your thing!”

Any other practices to connect with them will organically be obtained when the timing is right. I say this because I feel it is important to share, especially for the parents who are just learning of their child’s gifts, because there are going to be a lot of you who will be waking up to this.

Who are Connie and Daniel?

Connie and Daniel are contributors to Destination New Earth. This mother-son team regularly adds their voice to the "Bringing Together the Tribe" blog and communicates on challenges associated with high vibrational autism or Pure Autism.

Learn more about Pure Autism and its role in the planetary shift in consciousness in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

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