Breathwork for Mental, Spiritual, & Physical Well-Being

In this post, Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, writes about the benefits of breathwork and how those caring for autistics can help their autistic loved ones while receiving their own value from this simple spiritual practice.

Love is the most powerful act we can do, and breathing is also powerful. When working with the breath and love, we have conscious breathwork, a powerful practice benefiting ourselves and those around us. If you are in the presence of an autistic, you substantially impact them by easing their anxiety and even depression.

From Daniel: Breathwork is an act of Self-Love

Breathwork is so important and often underestimated. In the hierarchy of importance and power, love is first, and then breath. Breath is life! Breathwork helps parents/caretakers/guardians step into their power and helps ALL step into their power. Breathwork immediately gets one in touch with the divine. It helps align with the divine, and it helps attune with the divine when you do conscious breathwork.

Daniel ethereal autistic

Daniel communicates through facilitated communication, telepathy, and a psychic medium.

What is breathwork?

Consciously inhaling and consciously exhaling is breathwork as a spiritual practice. The only thing more powerful than the breath is love, so love the breath. In loving your breath, it takes love and magnifies it into human form. Doing this breathwork and loving the breath sends love energy to yourself. It is an act of self-love, and so since it may be difficult for someone to verbally say that they love themselves, if they are doing conscious breathwork and loving just the breath, they can get the benefits of self-love even if they are not consciously aware of it.

How to do breathwork?

I suggest taking in a big inhale and holding your breath for however long feels comfortable. The goal is just to hold your breath for a moment and then exhale. Holding the breath is important as It gives a moment of appreciation of the breath when you hold it sacred (loving the breath). To hold your breath, inhale for as long as it feels comfortable, and exhale for as long as you feel comfortable.

Everyone will be different. There is a rhythm to breathing, and most of us Autists like rhythms or patterns, which is the breath. The inhale and exhale create a pattern. It is rhythmic.

How does breathwork help autistics?

Breathwork gets the parents/caretakers/guardians into the rhythm of their bodies. Their bodies and their energy fields will operate with them. It is a “louder,” more pronounced rhythm. The Autists will feel safer knowing that their parent’s/caretaker’s/guardian’s body has more of a conscious rhythm. The breath has a rhythm to it, and that rhythm is important as there is a sense of safety and predictability with breathing patterns. When you are holding your breath, you are holding it sacred in that moment.

For those who are more on the anxious side, you can help us release a lot of anxiety by doing deep breathwork. Breathe in as much as you can and hold it, invite all the anxiety in your body, and allow it to hold in your chest. In that breath, say or think to yourself,  “I invite all anxiety into my chest,” and then blow it out. Upon releasing it, say, “I now release you.” This breathwork will help ease (not necessarily get rid of) that part of our anxiety and even depression. If parents (caretakers or guardians included) can release that physical feeling of anxiety, it will help us tremendously. It will feel like a weight has lifted, and more space has been created.

From Connie: Autistics are Empaths

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Daniel provided this breathwork practice a few weeks ago. He often gives a lot of instructions to me, and because I am so busy with what I call “matrix” activities, I sometimes lose focus and will not do them. Oh, but lo and behold, my beloved son will often nudge me into doing these activities by causing a sensation in my body or for something to happen to bring my focus back to his instructions.

In this case, I started to feel a lot of anxiety in my chest. At that moment, I knew that Daniel wanted me to do my breathwork exercise. When I completed my breathwork exercise, I felt better, but I noticed that Daniel was happier, less anxious, and seemed more focused. It does not take a long time to do this breathwork exercise.

When doing breathwork, you benefit because it is relaxing. Given that most Autists are empaths or sensitive to energy, we can never hide our emotions from them, and when we relax, it’s beneficial for the autistic.

So go with the flow, be happy and take a deep breath!

High Vibrational Autism or Pure Autism

Connie and Daniel are contributors to Destination New Earth. This mother-son team regularly adds their voice to this blog and communicates on challenges associated with high vibrational autism or Pure Autism.

Learn more about Pure Autism in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

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