Release Fear Chant

In this crazy world, fear is our worst enemy. Fear can keep us enslaved and tie us to the third dimension, preventing our sovereign right to ascend to the next dimension and beyond.

Light Language is an ancient sacred code of Sound and Light. It is a multidimensional language that all lifeforms understand at the soul level. It adjusts to each person’s vibrational needs, initiating activation, balancing, clearing, and aligning to a new vibration of Wholeness.

Release Fear Light Language Chant

Daniel, an Autistic Avatar, provided the following Light Language, performed by Connie, to help humanity release fear during these challenging times.

Let this be your mantra when fear creeps into your reality.

Listen to the chant.

Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

Available September 18, 2020.

Weassawea        (We Az Ay Wee Ay)

Rawedabefun        (Ray Wee Daw Be Foon)

Feswator        (Fee Sway To Are)

Weassawea        (We Az Ay Wee Ay)

Liesasuroesa        (Lee Say Su Row Ee Sah)

Sawaseaesa        (Saw As Ee Say)

Weassawea        (We Az Ay Wee Ay)

Asducaasa        (As Duke Az Say)

Ifespleeda        (Eye Fee Splee Dah)

Bapoprures         (Bay Po Pru Rez)

This Light Language chant is introduced in The Unsuspected Heroes, the first book of A Journey to the New Earth.

6 Responses

  1. Lynne
    I just finished reading Alex’s book yesterday. It was quite fascinating! In some ways the story all felt very personal and familiar but in other ways it left me questioning everything I've done in my life, or I'm doing! And I certainly don't feel like I'm doing enough! Mostly I suppose, it's because I've never had much clarity on what my purpose for this incarnation is, exactly. The book is very timely and inspirational. I recommend it highly to any who is searching for answers. Thanks, for being so available to share and support this journey, Alex.
    • Thank you, Lynne, for your thoughts on the book. I am so happy it resonated with you. There is no doubt in my mind that you are an unsuspected hero!
  2. Apri
    I could not get the audio to play. I have an Apple laptop. Any suggestions.
    • Apri, I'm sorry it didn't work. I am not sure why. It works for me. Does anyone else have an issue with it?
      • Wendy
        I couldn't get videos to play either.
        • Hmm. Perhaps a compatibility issue. Try it again and if the it doesn't take you to the page with the audio here is the direct link. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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