Shauna’s Cave: Spiritual Sovereignty, Free Will & Co-Creation

This post explores spiritual sovereignty (free will) and why living your truth as a co-creator is essential to the shift in consciousness, the ascension, and experience of the New Earth.

Choosing Conscious Change as a Co-Creator

Change is evident and constant. What is not constant is choosing to influence and direct this change as a co-creator. We are all co-creators, but are we choosing our creations or stuck on auto-drive? Conscious manifestation or co-creation is our ability to work with the universe to create. We can co-create when living our authentic self or spiritual blueprint. This creation is conscious change, and it is a choice.

To live authentically; no greater goal, nor difficult task.” —Janice-Artist

Why don’t we easily embrace our authentic selves?

We each come to this life with a unique frequency, note, expression, gift. Few have maintained the courage to live their authentic or sovereign self and honor their inherent gifts. And there are many reasons why this is so.

We are taught at an early age to fit in, behave, follow the norms, and listen to teachers, family, the boss, the church, and friends. We learn that breaking societal norms is taboo, and in doing so, we may become an outcast. A primal fear still exists in the human programing or genetic makeup about being an outcast. In history, if you were an outcast, your chances of survival were slim. You either learned to fight or to flee.

Today, the fight-flight response described by Walter Bradford Cannon still exists within us subconsciously in the lymphatic system, and while it is not so physical, the need to survive still courses through us.

What is Sovereignty?

In the dictionary, the description of a “sovereign” is, “Possessing supreme or ultimate power: in modern democracies, the people’s will is in theory sovereign.” If we look up the word possess, we can peel away the layers of rubbish and finally see the hidden gem. Possess means: “Have as belonging to one; own.”

After taking a deeper look at sovereignty, we can see that each person owns their will and has supreme or ultimate power over themselves. This concept places the responsibility of what happens to us on ourselves.

Sovereignty is a self-governing state.

What is spiritual sovereignty?

We are co-creators, and it’s up to us what we create. Spiritual sovereignty or free will is a natural law of the universe. When we live our spiritual blueprint, our authentic self, we have the power to choose and create whatever we desire. It is our choice what we think, feel, and do. And just as importantly, we must take responsibility for the choices we make and our creations. This responsibility is also a law of the universe.

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Who gives you the right to be sovereign?

We are all expressions of Source experiencing individuality. When we understand this and live authentically, we recognize we are co-creators with Source and choose to manifest consciously. Each of us owns our will and has supreme or ultimate power over ourselves (no others).

Sovereignty is our fundamental birthright. It does not affirm any person’s superiority but supports a person’s right to have their experiences and consciously limits the interference of others. We have the right to be individuals with autonomous life experiences and yet not separate from Source.”[1]

Recognize that with every breath you breathe, you have the chance to be authentic, sovereign, and free to BE. How? You live as yourself.

Who gives you the right to sovereignty? You do.

What does it mean to be sovereign?

When we step into our sovereignty and are accountable for our decisions, actions, thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately, our life, we are sovereign. No one or no thing (nothing) has the right to impact us unless we choose it.

After revealing what it means to be sovereign, how did you respond?

Did fear raise its ugly head?

  • Did your stomach clench?
  • Did you want to stop reading?

No outside influences impact you when you own your sovereignty—unless you choose it. You are responsible for all your life and choices!

Are you claiming your sovereignty?

In your life, is your goal to:

  • See yourself as a creator?
  • Be kind and generous to yourself and others?
  • Take responsibility
  • Dream big, shine bright, and be who you are without excuses?

How are you stacking up?

In your life, are you:

  • Acting or reacting to others?
  • Honoring where others are without wanting to change them?
  • Dimming the light of others?
  • Apologizing for who you are or taking responsibility?

Why is being sovereign important at this time?

You are here to live your truth, your divine spiritual blueprint, and claim your gifts. One cannot be authentic without being sovereign—they go hand in hand.

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that moved you or heard someone speak who inspired you? When this happens, the performer or speaker is likely living their truth.

When living authentically as a co-creator, you radiate similar energy. You emit light, confidence, joy, and abundance. You raise your frequency to harmonize with your unique soul expression. Keep in mind that frequency is a measure of sound. Did you know that your soul has its own unique note?

Cerian shares,

It is by your very nature of standing in your Truth that you are in resonance with your harmonic chord. When more and more people resonate by living their Truth, individually, they are a note. Collectively, they are a symphony. They are a harmony. They put out a new frequency, a vibrational pattern within the Earth.”[2]

When living your authentic self, your energy becomes contagious and spurs others to shine in their light. This is needed more than ever on the planet today. As more and more shine, they become part of a much larger plan in a global shift in consciousness.

Learn more about living your spiritual blueprint as a co-creator and how you become part of a more significant role in this planetary shift in consciousness in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

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  1. I loved how you described that when you live authentically, you light up. Thank you for sharing your voice here.

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