Cerian on the Higher Heart Chakra

Cerian is a 16th dimension collective consciousness speaking through one voice. I am a psychic medium and contributor to Destination New Earth. In this post, I share how I connected with Cerian and provide a needed message for humanity on the higher heart chakra.

Who is Shauna Kalicki?

shauna kalicki

Throughout my life, I have had insights and a voice of wisdom to shepherd me. I supposed that everyone experienced this and did not question it. I’ve learned this is not true.

I can identify callers before answering the phone and often hear words or phrases before someone says them. For as long as I can remember, I have had vivid dreams and been aware of many of these dreams being past or future experiences. I have experienced magical moments, felt the energy of plants and trees, and have lived through several accidents that I should not have and owe a big shout-out to my guides/teachers and guardians for… saving me!

My life is simple, magical, and quiet. Four years ago, with a friend’s encouragement, I began focusing on and working with these insights and voices. It was well into my second year of this work when Cerian introduced themselves.

What Is Cerian?

People often ask, who is Cerian? The real question is, what is Cerian?

The best explanation: Cerian is a multidimensional, expansive consciousness. This consciousness chose to identify with a name, “Cerian.”

When Cerian first came to me, I asked, “Sirian … as in the Sirius Star System?”

I heard, “No,” then the letters “C-E-R-I-A-N.”

Though Cerian has no gender, at times, “it” seems more masculine than feminine and does not identify with singularity but as a collective that speaks as one voice.

I have been channeling messages from Cerian since 2018.

A Message from Cerian on the Higher Heart Chakra

As I write this, Cerian wants to share,

They (the Cerian collective) are coming in now to encourage humanity to work and live from their high heart rather than their brain.”

What is the Higher Heart Chakra?

The higher heart chakra may be known to you as the etheric heart or the seat of the soul. The higher heart chakra is at the thymus gland, which sits between the heart and the sternum. It is here that we can discern our Truth.

Cerian Continues,

When we live from the high heart, we claim our sovereignty and begin to merge with our Divine Blueprint. This is needed to assist humanity and the planet in ascending to the 5D and accessing the New Earth. This expansive consciousness is available to anyone and often manifests as intuition, deja vu, a knowing, and our own voice sharing insight with you. As humanity continues to awaken to our Divine Blueprint and embrace this energy, more and more individuals will remember this connection and be able to tap into this consciousness readily.

Many indigenous tribes and ancient people understood this connection and used it to commune and work with nature, the elements, and other galactic beings. They understood they were a part of something far greater than their individuality. This is how many great temples across the world were built, cultures developed, and access to advanced technology was made available.”

destination new earth book cover

Get your copy now.

Humanity and the planet as a whole is experiencing rapid change now, and we have the opportunity to re-member our sovereignty, Divine Blueprint, and the magic of Being ourselves.

Welcome to the New Earth!

To learn more about my connection and Daniel’s connection to Cerian and its messages, read Destination New Earth: a Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for blogging here, Shauna. Having witnessed many sessions with you channeling Cerian, I can definitely agree that they (Cerian) feel more masculine than feminine. I wonder how large the Cerian collective is ...
  2. Brenn
    I channel a delightful angel called Jelial. I assumed this angel to be male, but one day I felt a surge of female energy while communicating. So we asked if angels have male and female genders. He/she answered, Yes, but not in the way you think as humans or genitalia. If I am expressing a thought or emotion that is considered feminine, then I become female within that energy. Same with male. The personality may reflect and affect gender.
    • Shauna
      Hi Brenn, I agree with your comment. Energetic beings are neither male or female… they are pure energy and therefore both and neither. Our higher selves are also gender neutral. Our physical form presents either male or female but in time, we will just be light bodies embracing both energies. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Connie
    What a beautiful blog about the high heart. When I feel into the energy of the high heart, I feel Source love. I feel the sense of knowing all without judgment. Working with the high heart energy is humanity's original way of divine being. A lot of activities created in this matrix is to distract humanity from connecting or "hearing" this high heart calling.

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