Spiritual Ascension Tips

One of the tips for spiritual ascension that came through in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness is to live your blueprint, be your authentic self, or Truth.

Be Your Authentic Self

The most significant thing anyone can do to assist on their ascension journey is to live their Truth. What I mean by this is to live your most authentic self. Do things daily that bring you joy because you are worth it! When living authentically, you become a beneficial presence to the world because you become a walking expression of your soul’s calling.

Energetically, to live your Truth means that you merge with the higher heart chakra, which may be known to you as the etheric heart or the seat of the soul. The higher heart chakra is at the thymus gland, which sits between the heart and the sternum. It is here that we can discern our Truth.

Follow Your Heart

If you are unclear about your Truth or blueprint, know that the higher heart can lead you to it vibrationally. It is the most accurate compass to your soul’s calling. Most have inklings of their blueprint, but trust your intuition, that inner knowing from the soul and Source.

To put it differently, Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, shared in Destination New Earth,

A person is closer to their actual genetic blueprint when harmonized with the frequencies that resonate with them.”

In my earlier years, I went to psychics to clarify my soul’s purpose. I would ask them, “What’s my purpose in life?” Today I know that my inner guidance is more accurate than any psychic’s guidance on this matter. Everyone has the same mission, and that is to live their blueprint. Don’t ask a psychic. You are the only one who can determine this. The answers are within, and everyone can discern this using their intuition, psychic senses, or reflecting on what brings them joy.

Gut Feeling vs. Intuition

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Some find answers when asking for guidance with their psychic senses, like clairaudience (inner voices and thoughts), clairvoyance (visions), clairsentience (gut feelings and hunches), and so on. Keep in mind that psychic hits process through your filters. The information is accurate if your filters are clean and free of biases, prejudices, false beliefs, and ego.

Alternatively, your intuition, or knowing without conscious reasoning, is from your higher self, and we often overlook it. Unlike psychic hits, intuition is guidance from the soul. Trust it. Pay attention to it. Let your soul lead the way, and you will quickly learn.

Each of Us Has a Unique Note

In Destination New Earth, Cerian shares,

It is by your very nature of standing in your Truth that you are in resonance with your harmonic chord. When more and more people resonate by living their Truth, individually, they are a note. Collectively, they are a symphony. They are a harmony. They put out a new frequency, a vibrational pattern within the Earth.”

Vibrations create sound. Vibration is the oscillating and vibrating movement of atoms and particles caused by energy. In comparison, frequency is the rate of vibrations.

Spiritual Ascension Is about Vibrational Frequency

When living our Truth, our frequency aligns, and we become part of something much bigger than we can imagine. We not only assist in our ascension, but we become beacons for those around us. When awakened to our Truth, each of us plays an individual note. As more and more awaken, we create a symphony, a new frequency or vibrational pattern that will awaken others and set a course to reach a critical mass needed for a greater planetary awakening that will reveal the beauty, magnificence, and awe of the New Earth.

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In Destination New Earth, Cerian urged that it is vital to be in resonance with your blueprint of why you are here. Everyone has a unique note. Everyone is needed.

However you perceive that Truth, whether through thought, sound, physical experience, or projecting, listen and go within. Do not go outward to seek guidance from others. Always go in and listen to the voice that sits within you. That is what you can do right here and now.”

Do Not Judge Others

Daniel urged through facilitated communication:

Acknowledge the Truth of others. We must see the Truth of others and allow them to have their consciousness, process, experience, and whomever they may be. You have no idea what their Truth is. That will allow you to have an even deeper connection within yourself when you let go of others outside of you.”

Daniel’s message may seem complex, but it is pretty simple yet challenging for us as humans. We are not here to judge others. We are here to follow our hearts and play our roles, not condemn the actions of others (or ourselves). We cannot understand the scope of the events unfolding on this planet. Everything is connected. As the systems, those organized frameworks we follow, fall apart and rebuild, we need to stay in our own lane.

Hero, Villain, and Victim

There will always be the hero, villain, and victim in any good tale, along with other roles. This setup is true for this game of life to reveal the New Earth. No one role is any more important than another. You must play your part well while not judging the actions of others.

Be the hero who stands in calmness, peace, and love amid chaos

Events are in place to shift humanity to new heights. These events will likely bring situations that create fear and angst for many. Be the hero who stands in calmness, peace, and love amid chaos. While in turmoil, be an observer, not a participant. Be compassionate for others that stand opposite of you.

Always honor your Truth. Speak and stand in your Truth. Do so in a way that honors other people’s Truth in compassion, empathy, and love.

Parts of this blog excerpted from Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness, Chapter 9: Tips and Next Steps for Ascension.

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