A plea to those on the spiritual path, Starseeds, Lightworkers …

I have a special appeal for those on the spiritual path. Many on the path identify with various names like Lightworkers, Starseeds, New Children such as the Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, and Diamond Children. Some even call themselves one of the 144,000. This message is for those who are on the spiritual path and those in any group I identified. You are here to assist in humanity’s awakening, and now more than ever, it is time for you to fulfill your purpose.

Purpose vs. Divine Blueprint

When you’re on a spiritual path, you typically know you are here to do something, though you may not know what it is. You may search to find that life purpose. You live consciously, mindfully, pay attention to the signs, and recognize that it’s about the journey, not the end destination.

There are many paths to the One (God). The spiritual path is the conscious journey of one seeking Truth, wisdom, and higher knowledge while moving away from the egoic state of being to a more heart-based life.

Each person has a life purpose, but you also have a unique divine or spiritual blueprint, a detailed description of your divine plan set out before you incarnated. I encourage you to explore your divine blueprint. You live authentically when living your spiritual blueprint, which is key to experiencing the New Earth.

Ascension is not a done deal.

In our book, Destination New Earth, one of the messages from Mother Mary, Cerian, the sixteen-dimensional collective, and Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, was that the ascension to the fifth dimension was not a done deal.

As more and more people on the path surrender their sovereignty for various reasons, the ascension to the fifth dimension becomes increasingly challenging for humanity. When submitting your sovereignty, you don’t live authentically, meaning you’re not fulfilling your spiritual blueprint and may miss access to the New Earth.

The ascension is very much up to humanity. There will be no savior coming to save us as you are the savior, and you’re needed to fulfill your role.


There will not be a mass ascension “event” until ...

You are the ones here to awaken first. It is in your spiritual blueprint to be among those to access the New Earth because there will be no mass ascension “event.”

Ascension to the fifth dimension will occur individually until humanity’s population has reached a critical mass around the planet. Then there will be a global awakening where much of humanity will shift. But, until that critical mass, the hundredth monkey effect, the ascension will only happen on an individual basis, and that is where you are needed.

There is a spiritual war occurring. It is a real war and has real casualties: those surrendering their sovereignty. Without reaching a critical mass of people who awaken, humanity’s evolution is at risk. Some parties fight to assist humanity in this spiritual evolution, while others attempt to control humankind and prevent people from awakening to their true selves.[1]

Each of you is critically important. It is in your blueprint to shift. That is why you are here.

My Plea to Lightworkers, Starseeds, and New Children and You

channelling books

Many who have in their blueprint to awaken are not doing so. Many are surrendering their sovereignty without even realizing it. This makes you exceptionally important.

I’m asking you to remember that you’ve come here for a reason. You’ve come to journey from lower to higher states of consciousness. You’ve come to awaken to the truth about who you are. You’ve come to play a significant role in this planetary shift in consciousness.

When you recognize and take responsibility for your role to awaken, you become part of a much larger plan to assist humanity in this global awakening. You matter. Your awakening is essential for all of humanity.

Of course, I hope you pick up your copy of Destination New Earth, but more importantly, do not look for the new Earth outside of you. It is within, and it is here, and the awareness of your magnificence and Divinity will help shift you into the New Earth.

[1] Marcoux, “Destination New Earth,” xvi-xvii

Enjoy our first YouTube endorsement by ABB (AstralBooBaby) as well as his very personal sharing.

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  1. Kkmberly
    As an avid reader, I follow Alex Marcoux's body of work in her fictional novels over the years: however, Alex's new non-fictional novel takes you on a Spiritual journey to question what you know about Spirituality, your belief systems, understanding the gifts our autistic communities and God's blueprint plan for each us to contribute to humanity. This is not a quick read in the sense of a page-turner to find out more about Spirituality rather a self-reflection of self and how we contribute to our New Earth.
    • Kimberly, I'm grateful to have you here. Thank you for reading "Destination New Earth." It sounds like it may have pushed a few buttons. Hugs.
  2. This is the beautiful synchronicities at work bringing me here, Alex. I spoke to you and Daniel after reading your amazing book on YouTube more than a year ago. I just happen to be scrolling looking for information on the New Earth. My daughter comes in and we get to talking and when I get back to my phone your photo is on my screen. I realized I recognized your name, but there was no struggle to identify where from. I keep getting brought back to you time and again. I live in an area that has a very high number of Autists per capita. My best friends daughter is a non-verbal autist. I am still here fighting the good fight and I am over the moon to see that you are doing the same. You are an amazing woman that is an inspiration to us all. Give Daniel my regards. Love and Light in all things. I already know I will be guided back to you again and again. I love your site. If you are interested in a link exchange let me know please. (DR 72) Alex's book "The Unsuspected Heroes" is absolutely amazing. Make sure you read these books if you are interested in finding your way.
    • Samantha, what a lovely message all around. I love how the Universe works with its gentle nudges (better than those bricks, LOL). <3 <3 <3

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