There is a fine line between fate and destiny.

Could fated interference indicate you’re moving away from your destiny? In my post, “What is the Divine Blueprint?” I reveal that the Divine Blueprint is our destiny, a plan set for us before we incarnate. It is a map of what we are to do in this lifetime. In another post, I share how we are a compass and can navigate toward it.

Blinded by the Spotlight

In this article, I share a personal story of how the Universe responded to me when I was heading away from my Divine Blueprint. In this case, my life did not flow with ease and grace. Instead, I was hit with ungentle signs that I was heading away from true north, my Divine Blueprint.

alex marcoux, elle richardson, cindy abel, cinthia evans

At some point in my life, I worked with an extraordinary independent filmmaker and friend, Cindy Abel of Atlantis Moon Productions, on a short film based on my novel Back to Salem. This project was exciting as the ultimate plan was to be part of a feature film. The path to it was to create a short film supported by a treatment to be pitched to a larger production or distribution company. In other words, a lot of work.

In retrospect, I can see how the Universe shared that this wasn’t my path, but my ambitions kept me pushing the ball uphill on a path unaligned with my higher purpose. It took quite a while for me to see the signs and accept them…


Back to Salem by Alex Marcoux

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The day before filming began in Atlanta, I fell and injured my right hand, which didn’t heal for many years. The following day, while working on the set, I got stung by a bee. After filming finished, I returned to Denver International Airport late, where I bused to offsite parking to find my car with a dead battery. It was after midnight, and I had to shuttle back to the airport to get a taxi ride home.

These three signs should have told me to evaluate what I was doing on this project. Instead, my stick-to-it-ness and ego kept me moving forward with writing a feature film script, getting it critiqued, and taking a screenwriting class to refine it.

Trapped in a lighthouse.

It wasn’t until I took a class at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop at night in Denver that I knew this wasn’t my path. The class wrapped up late at night, and after one session, I wanted to use the restroom before heading home to the foothills. Can you imagine my surprise when I came out of the restroom and went to leave, and learned the doors of the “lighthouse” had been locked and I was trapped inside with no way of exiting because of the security system?

That did it. I got the message loud and clear—the film was not my path. Of course, I finished that script and handed it over to Cindy. While we remain friends, and I watch her success with much admiration, I have never asked if she pitched it. It is clear to me that my purpose is not to step into the spotlight but to shine it on Truth.

elle richardson and cindy abel

A fun shot of the talented late Elle Richardson (she played Jessie) and Director Cindy Abel (R) on set.

Fated interference is a sign.

How is life treating you? When the Universe wants you to know you’re off course, it sends gentle reminders at first. Sometimes we miss them. Especially when we’re trained when the going gets tough, the tough get going. We’re taught that challenges are lessons and that we must learn from them and keep going.

I agree, but when these reminders, challenges, and interferences start feeling like fate, there is a fine line between fate and destiny. That fine line is choice. Each person has a Divine Blueprint. Each person is sovereign, has free will, and can choose whether to move toward their destiny. Keep in mind that Source Consciousness will support your Divine Blueprint, and when navigating toward it, your life flows with ease and grace. When turning your back on your destiny, don’t be surprised if obstacles arise.

It’s time to look at your life differently. Consciousness, Source, or God wants and needs you to live your Divine Blueprint. That is how you win the 3D game. We are undergoing a shift in consciousness and are here to trigger a collective shift. We cannot move on to the 5D Game without living our authentic selves, embodying transcended love, our Divine Blueprint.

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alex marcoux, elle richardson, cindy abel, cynthia evans

From left to right, Alex Marcoux, Elle Richardson, Cindy Abel, and Cynthia Evans, behind the scenes (Back to Salem -The Short Film).

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