The Mystical Underground with Alex Marcoux

Alex Marcoux shares her passion for “The Unsuspected Heroes: A visionary Fiction Novel” on The Mystical Underground with Rob and Trish MacGregor.

Mystical Underground with Rob & Trish MacGregor

Visionary Fiction: The Unsuspected Heroes—Journey to the New Earth

Now Available

Listen in, dear Ones. I was on The Mystical Underground podcast and interviewed by Rob and Trish MacGregor. You might recognize their names as they both are well-published dynamic authors of both fiction and nonfiction. They also wrote five books on synchronicity, one of my favorite subjects.

The topic of discussion was my new book, The Unsuspected Heroes: A Visionary Fiction Novel (Book 1 of A Journey to the New Earth).

Enjoy it and follow their podcast.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay.

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