Am I being Tested by God?

When faced with challenges, humans typically ask, “Am I being tested by God?” It’s time to change this. As Daniel indicates in this blog, when the notion of being tested emerges, infuse peace into it and recognize your worthiness.

Infuse peace into the feeling of being tested.

Connie and Autist Daniel from Destination New Earth and Gods in the Game

Daniel and Connie

Many feel we are being tested. We are not being tested. I mean the feeling of being tested that so many humans go through. It is the same thing as having an experience of having a reality that is not a reality, but because they believe it is a reality, it is their reality.

One of the most common questions humans ask God is, “Am I being tested?” This idea is so far removed from you because of where you are in your evolution. The feeling of being tested will permeate humanity. It always has. We should emit peace into the feeling of being tested.

To be simple, put peace in all feelings. Put peace in all experiences, just like we’ve been doing.

There is no such thing as failure. All will be helped by the blessings in this message. Why did I pick this topic to discuss tonight, and what do I mean by being tested?

There is a snowball effect with this experience of the feeling of being tested. People are currently struggling with the sense of failure. Children feel tested all the time. People start blaming each other for their experiences or whatever they think they are being tested for. They blame others (including themselves) for their perceived shortcomings.

So, this experience is a big one, which is why I chose it. It is time people wake up from the thought that they are being tested. This is important. There is no test, only vibrations, experiences, feelings, and emotions. Humans are perfect. They don’t need to be tested. They don’t know they are perfect, leading to all their craziness.

This year is going to be a crazy one.

We are going to get into the nitty-gritty of the human experience. It has never been so important to bring peace to this planet as it is right now. I can’t stress this enough! We need to wake up from this illusion of being tested. It creates so much conflict, anxiety, and sadness.

This is one thing that can be cleared up, and even if just one person gets it energetically, if just one person can let go of that illusion, the light and energy emitted from that person is gigantic and can infuse everything! This energy carries self-worth and pure worthiness. 

Know that you don’t need to perform in any way and that all you are is enough. Know that every choice you make is right, aligning with the energy of worthiness of self-worth. The human collective has hardly any worthiness, and this must be healed.

This teaching of us not being tested will increase the energy of worthiness on the planet. When a human makes a choice, it is always right, and if they experience a negative outcome, it is because that negative outcome was supposed to happen for their highest benefit. An awakened person understands that. A person who knows there is no test understands that and can move forward with dignity and worthiness. There are no wrong choices in life.

Connie: No wrong choices? How about murder?

Daniel: Murder is a form of psychosis.

Connie: Is it psychosis if that particular act may have been committed as a form of a spiritual contract that was created before incarnation for some? Do you think it is psychosis for every murder, even for self-defense?

Daniel: They are in a psychotic state. They are in levels of pain that are incomprehensible, and yes, it is part of their contract. That is true, and I am not saying that psychosis is a bad thing, but that is how they get to that point. And for the one that is murdered, that is simply their death.

That is when we get into judgment and the whole hassle of it. When I say everything is the right choice, it leads the person where they need to go, even if that is imprisonment or death. That is what I mean by “right.”

It takes them where they need to go. They need to experience the consequences of that murder. They need to experience regret, and for those who wake up, that feeling of regret and remorse is needed for their expansion.

This is getting into the shadow aspects of humanity. There is this urge to kill other humans for some. Where that urge comes from is another conversation, but to sum it up, it is part of that programming of humans where the shades have their claws in human consciousness. It is not being in control of a specific part of your mind. The shades can submit this into certain susceptible humans’ consciousness, like viruses.

Forgive everybody, every day!

Connie’s Thoughts on Being Tested by God

Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

Learn more about "the game" in Gods in the Game.

The feeling of being tested by a “higher” authority is familiar to most. When something does not happen in my favor, I have been guilty of wondering if I am being tested for something I did in this life or a past life.

I feel Daniel’s eagerness to get this teaching out results from what has been happening in the world and the events that are to come, or as Daniel describes it, “the nitty-gritty.” Some of these events may be uncomfortable, causing us to feel we are being tested. Please know that there is no test or measuring system going on. Remember, this is all a part of the process of ending the game.

Daniel has been telling us to surround everyone and everything with the energy of joy and peace for several months now. I invite you to do the same. Do not be fooled into believing that you are solely doing this by yourself, which has no impact. Be the one who lets go of the illusion to allow your light to infuse everything.

You are worthy!

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