When the Universe Conspires

When the Universe conspires against you or life offers insistent challenge or conflict in a specific area, could it be Spirit's way of guiding you to another direction? Could interference from the Universe, or spiritual turbulence, be an indicator to take a timeout? While most would suggest that persistence overcomes resistance, I say there's a time to cry uncle and listen for a higher message.

Spring whispers the promise of rebirth and new growth. With flowers blooming, trees budding, reservoirs filling and students graduating, it is an opportune time to plant seeds that foster fresh starts. Yet sometimes life doesn't seem like it's heading in the right direction. We hit conflict or get in a rut. We stagnate and can't seem to get out of our own way. Every so often it would appear that the Universe sends us what I call interference or resistance, and it happens to the best of us.

Struggle to Test Persistence?

When the Universe Conspires Against You

When the Universe conspires against you or there is challenge or conflict in a specific area, could it be Spirit’s way of guiding you to another direction?

When things don't go smooth and effortless, one might wonder, "Are my struggles to test my persistence?" When we hit a detour in the road, our natural inclination is to find another way to get to the end destination. When we hit a challenge, we usually respond to it in the same manner. We contemplate another way to achieve the end objective. This is only natural and reveals to us how persistent and resourceful we are. In some ways, struggling develops character, but challenges like these are not the Universe testing us.

 Interference as a Spiritual Sign

Those of you who have read my spirituality book, Lifesigns, know that when things aren't moving with ease and grace, there is an opportunity for growth. It's not our first instinct; however, to be grateful for struggle or challenges, is it? It's only natural to push back when a scuffle with the Universe ensues. We all know that when we take on the Universe, however, more challenges and more interference emerge.

The Universe Conspires

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Every once and a while I encounter a challenge, I handle it, only to be presented with another struggle. When many conflicts emerge, and life doesn't flow with ease, I often ponder, 'Is it possible that the Universe is guiding me in another direction?' If I hit repeated resistance regarding a specific circumstance, I usually suspect that it's time for a change, and it's the Universe's way of nudging me in a different direction. During these periods, I call a timeout and stop sparring with the Universe. It doesn't mean I give up. Instead, I turn within. I stop, I listen, and I trust that something greater will emerge ... and it does.

Is there an area in your life that has a persistent conflict for you? Could the Universe be conspiring against you through spiritual turbulence to suggest it's time to change course?

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