Virtual Book Launch of The Unsuspected Heroes: A Visionary Fiction Novel

Today is the official book launch day of The Unsuspected Heroes, the first book of my series, “A Journey to the New Earth.” In light of the COVID-19 restrictions having a book signing and discussion at a bookstore was not possible. To honor this book and its importance to all, I created a “virtual book launch presentation.”

Visionary Fiction Inspired by True Events

I’ve spent the last six years working on this novel and other books in this series. These books are visionary fiction inspired by true events. It’s about a nonverbal autistic girl who is here to save the world and lead us to the New Earth.

The first video introduces the book. The second video is the launch.

She’s a non-speaking autistic. But on the inside, she’s fighting a battle to halt humanity’s repeated destruction.

the unsuspected heroes

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Ami’s autistic exterior hides who she is and her supreme intelligence. Because of her painful existence, she retreats to the higher planes of angels and away from her bodily limitations. But when she remembers she must save Earth from its destined destruction, she’s faced with an impossible task: Awaken her fellow autistics to enact humanity’s spiritual ascension.

With the young woman’s physical health deteriorating, time is running out to help a world that only sees her as a disability. And as the forces of darkness gather strength to ensure the apocalypse obliterates humans forever, Ami fears annihilation is inevitable.

Can the desperate savior trapped in a crippling form make herself heard among a people hurtling toward its doom?

The Unsuspected Heroes is the first book in the innovative “A Journey to the New Earth” visionary fiction series, inspired by true events. If you like spirited characters, cosmic alternatives, and journeys of awakening, then you’ll love Alex Marcoux’s eye-opening adventure.”

Virtual Book Launch

Here is the “Virtual Book Launch.” In any book signing, of course, there is typically a question and answer period. Feel free to post your questions in the comments below, and I will do my best to be responsive.

Read the first chapter.

The Unsuspected Heroes in paperback and ebook

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