Energetic Codebook Awakening Lightworkers

In this blog, Alex Marcoux reveals that Destination New Earth is a spiritual energy code book that is startling some, awakening others, and pushing buttons.

“Destination New Earth” is a Codebook

I am sharing something I haven’t shared with many about our latest book, Destination New Earth, which passed its one-year birthday last month. After the book was published, I suspected it was a codebook. When inquiring about it with Daniel, the Etheral Autist and contributor to the book, he confirmed it. Our small group was encouraged to read it aloud. I read it over and over, and even though I wrote it (LOL), I got something new every time.

Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to sit with Shauna Kalicki, the contributor of this book who channels the Ascended Masters, Daniel, and Cerian, a higher-dimensional collective speaking through one voice. We were working on a different project, but I asked Cerian how the book was doing with readers in a channeling session.

Cerian said, “Destination New Earth is startling some, awakening others, and pushing buttons. This is good. We want to be dramatic about what is happening on the planet.”

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What is a codebook?

“I was told that Destination New Earth is a codebook. What exactly is a codebook? And what is the code?” I asked.

Cerian shared that the book contains an energetic code. That code needs to get into the consciousness of humanity. They shared that it was occurring at a slow trickle at this point (as it should). “Those energetic codes are being received. They are triggering people. They are opening people. They are awakening people, and so, yes, it is a codebook,” Cerian agreed.

I have received some lovely notes from readers sharing their experiences while reading. If you read the book, this may shed light on your experiences.

Lightworkers being Lighthouse Customers

What hit me recently is that the lighthouse has been a symbol for Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, New Children, and so on over the years. Many readers of Destination New Earth may place themselves in one of these groups. But also, in the business world, a “lighthouse customer” is an early adopter of a new product or technology. I love that the readers of our new book are receiving these energetic codes, being early adopters or lighthouse customers, and are indeed being lighthouses.

Recently I noted that there were 144 ratings of the book and 444 followers on Amazon, both powerful numbers confirming that the book is doing its magic. If you reviewed or rated our book or are one of the followers, thank you for being part of the magic. If you’ve read the book, thank you for showing up and doing your part.

I wish you a happy spring and encourage you to join me in sending love to our planet and compassion to its occupants. May this time of year bring you new beginnings and transformation, and remember what Daniel the Autist mystic says, “Make peace with the unknown.”

Much love to you this spring and always.

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  1. Elsie
    Hello Alex, I’m at a turning point in my journey and I’ve been guided to your books. I’m wondering which I should read first - Destination New Earth or The Unsuspected Heroes? Sending love and light to you
    • Welcome, Elsie, and thank you for being here. If you are on the spiritual path, either book, in either order, will be perfect, whichever you choose. <3. In which case, I'd say, what do you prefer, a novel/story or nonfiction format? Go with that. :) The novel (The Unsuspected Heroes) will hit the person where they're at. They'll take what resonates, and for what doesn't resonate, seeds will remain to sprout if they're to awaken. Sorry for the metaphor. ;) Love and light to you.

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